#ncpol: Republican AGs smack Stein

capture76If you’ve got time, while cruising around the Internet, be sure to check out the wholesome, good clean fun at www.extremeharvardradical.com.  The Republican Attorney Generals Association (RAGA) put that site up to take a swipe at state senator Josh Stein’s campaign for North Carolina attorney general.

A spokesman for RAGA said his group plans to highlight a new instance each week of how out of touch Josh’s Chapel Hill-Carrboro views are from the rest of the state.

RAGA’s site details allegations of crony capitalism against Stein during the 2008 mortgage crisis, his vehement opposition to grocery bags, his bro-mance with John Edwards and Roy Cooper, his opposition to voter ID and charter schools.

Should be FUN.

6 thoughts on “#ncpol: Republican AGs smack Stein

  1. Electing Josh Stein would be about like electing Kim Jung-Un as our Attorney General. We need to work as hard as we can for Buck Newton, who is a common sense conservative. We need to avoid getting stuck with loony left Josh Stein.

  2. Unfortunately, all indications are that Stein will be the next AG. Putting up an obscure website is a waste of time unless it (and it’s content) are promoted in the drive-by and social media.

  3. But Buck Newton supports a bill that denies North Carolinians the right to bring discrimination lawsuits before the court. You’re an elderly worker and someone discriminates against you? Tough.

    Unfortunately the Republican leadership decided to listen to ALEC and passed HB2 so it could have a wedge issue to rally the evangelicals. Now that bill is going to sink the NCGOP.

    1. Wow, that comment is so full of inaccuracies that it deserves to be deleted. Every sentence other than “Tough.” is literally the opposite of reality.

    2. The reality is that the Gaystapo is out to bring harassment lawsuits against small Christian businesses over refusing to go against their Christian principles to serve a homosexual ”wedding”. They cannot get jurisdiction in federal courts, so by cutting these charlatans off from the state courts, it protected small Christian businesses who do not want to be forced to perform blasphemous acts by big government.

      Buck Newton should be applauded for standing up for our small Christian businesses against the homosexual bullies. The homosexual bullies never go against Muslim businesses that also refuse on religious grounds to serve their homosexual weddings. They just target Christians.

      Hooray for Buck Newton

  4. Stein will win because the GOP Establishment has cut off all money for conservatives like Newton–and, of course, Trump. NC is going to end up with the most radical, liberal, activist Attorney General in the country. It’s going to be a living nightmare for businesses and freedom-loving citizens.

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