FreedomWorks rates Carolinas lawmakers in DC




FreedomWorks — one of the Tea Party’s vanguards — has released its latest scorecards evaluating lawmakers on how they vote in terms of the limited government agenda. Lawmakers were assigned percentage-based scores ranging from 1(liberal) to 100 (perfect conservative).

Virginia Foxx and Patrick McHenry tied for the lead in the North Carolina delegation with scores of 86 percent.  Howard Coble came in second with a score of 79 percent, with Richard Burr close behind at 78 percent.

Burr was followed by Walter Jones at 64 percent, and Renee Ellmers at 62 percent.  Richard Hudson, Robert Pittenger, and Mark Meadows pulled up the rear with ratings of 50 percent.  George Holding ranked as the most liberal Republican from North Carolina with a score of 40 percent — barely edging out Democrat Mike McIntyre’s 35 percent rating.

Kay Hagan ranked as the most overall liberal member of the state delegation with a rating of just 8 percent.

For the Palmetto State, Mark Sanford is leading the pack with a perfect score of 100 percent.  Jeff Duncan and  (former congressman, current senator) Tim Scott tied for second with a rating of 93 percent.  Mick Mulvaney was a close third at 91 percent.

Lindsey Graham ranked sixth out of eight with a score of 78 percent.  Jim Clyburn, the state’s lone Democrat in DC, scored as the delegation’s ,most liberal member with 12 percent.

4 thoughts on “FreedomWorks rates Carolinas lawmakers in DC

  1. This is an inaccurate analysis – what is shown is the LIFETIME score. A closer look shows that Walter Jones has a 90% rating for this year, actually putting him as #1 NC’s top conservative for 2013. His lifetime score is much lower because in the past he was more of a neo-con, but he has seen the err of those ways & should be given credit for what he is doing NOW.

  2. Interesting that by the same test of CURRENT YEAR
    Foxx 40%
    McHenry 50%
    Coble 56%
    Jones 90%
    Elmers 40%
    Meadows 50% sophomore
    Hudson 50% sophomore
    Pittenger 50% sophomore
    Holding 40% sophomore

    Burr 75%

  3. Jones is the most consrvative voting rep from NC while Burr, Foxx and Coble are riding on teir past performances. Otherwise, no surprises.Would like to know aht issues/votes were used?

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