Tillis trades one Brawley for another (less-conservative) Brawley





We’ve reported extensively on the brouhaha surrounding state Rep. Bob Brawley (R-Iredell) and House speaker Thom Tillis.  (For a refresher, click HERE and HERE.)  Bob Brawley had words with Tillis about the speaker’s advocacy for toll roads in the Charlotte area and other portions of the state.  Media reports had indicated that Brawley resigned his co-chair position on the House Finance Committee in protest over Tillis’s pay-to-drive ambitions.  Brawley has insinuated that he was told by Tillis he better quit his post — and hand over his gavel — if he knew what was good for him. 

Well, the word is out that Tillis has filled Bob Brawley’s former post on the Finance Committee with one of his loyal allies — Rep. BILL Brawley (R-Mecklenburg).  Bill Brawley has been a dependable voice for the ruling class Establishment — pushing through legislation to help The Carolina Panthers, and to turn the Charlotte airport over to an independent commission.  He’s also been a tireless advocate for HOT lanes / toll roads and Gov. Pat’s transportation plan.  


4 thoughts on “Tillis trades one Brawley for another (less-conservative) Brawley

  1. Yes — Rep. Robert Brawley would be an excellent Speaker who would represent the interests of the citizens and not corporate donors and special interests. If Bill Brawley cannot stop the HOT lane debacle, then he definitely should face a primary.

    The tolls are not just planned for I-77, they are planned for 9 other highways in N.C., including a bridge. See http://www.ibtta.org/Information/content.cfm?ItemNumber=5623&RDtoken=44758&userID= for list of NC projects. The P3 legislation they refer to is what was passed with Bill Brawley as a sponsor and under the direction of Thom Tillis. P3s stand for Public Private Partnerships. It’s the handing over of taxpayer assets to a corporation to run with the assistance of the government. The citizens lose the ability to control these assets and through lengthy contracts, the corporation profits and is given excessive control of the public. This is a not about privatization — it’s corporatism, control, and conflict of interest. Senate candidate Dr. Greg Brannon, Rep. Robert Brawley, and other conservatives are highly critical of P3s. Senate candidate Mark Harris also has expressed opposition to HOT lanes for N.C.

    If you would like me to present to your group about the HOT lane agenda for North Carolina and the dangers of P3s, please let me know. For more information on the HOT lane plans and the problems with P3s, please visit TollFreeNC.org, WidenI77.org and P3times.com.

    1. I wasn’t aware that Mark Harris had entered the US Senate race, Vallee. Do you know something the rest of us don’t?

  2. I have always voted Republican but I will not vote for anyone who supports tolls. We are already taxed enough. These fake Republicans supporting this toll scam are in for a rude awakening. Sorry Tom Tillis….I will vote for anyone running against you for the first time in my life.

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