Well, shucks. The media’s lying about voter ID, too.

biasMcClatchy and WRAL have been mindlessly repeating hysteria from the Left about how legislation on Jones Street — requiring voters to actually PROVE who they are to participate on election day —  is a throw-back to the days of dogs and fire hoses in Selma.

One of the most repeated falsehoods is that the voter ID legislation is aimed at disenfranchising college students.  The good folks at Civitas have this covered:

[…] Maybe people will be surprised and maybe a few embarrassed to learn a lot of schools (if not all) require a valid ID, i.e. DMV, passport, military, to acquire a school ID UNCrequires an ID card for their students and staff. Here are the requirements for ECU andDuke and Elon. There is no doubt that every college in North Carolina requires a valid ID of every student on campus.


2 thoughts on “Well, shucks. The media’s lying about voter ID, too.

  1. Here is the kicker on college students. Virtually all of them do indeed have drivers licenses (have you ever known a college student who did not unless it had been revoked for driving offenses) but if it is an out of state license, it is clear proof that they should not be voting in North Carolina as they are not a bona fide resident. The Dems want to get around that so that these students can vote in both states by using college ID’s.

    The simple fact is that if an out of state student makes NC his residence (as he would by registering to vote) he would legally be required to get an NC drivers license and NC auto registration, and could not drive on his out of state license after 30 days. So what is the big deal, other than Democrats wanting to have these students free to vote in two places.

    Sometimes I think McClatchey has adopted Pravda of the Breshnev era as their role model.

  2. Before I left the old country (Michigan) they started enforcing a voter photo ID thing in 2007. Oh, and voters have to affirm they are a US Citizen too. Black voter turnout actually increased in 2008, as did overall turnout. Betting the same hold true for the rest of the states w/ voter ID laws?

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