Ellmers enjoys another FIVE-DIAMOND getaway thanks to her campaign fund (stocked mostly with lobbyist dinero)


While our state and nation’s economies tank — while the unemployment rolls grow — while families are struggling to pay their bills — congresswoman Renee Ellmers  has enjoyed yet another campaign-funded getaway to the FIVE-DIAMOND Stein Erikson Lodge in Park City, Utah.  (This is the second campaign-funded trip to Park City for the Dunn politico. Her first was during the 2011 Christmas holidays.)

The documentation for the second campaign-funded trip can be found HERE (pp. 84-87). Payments went out to the Stein Eriksen Lodge from the campaign fund on March 4 and March 5 and March 7 of 2012.  Notations on the congresswoman’s campaign report show that the payments from the campaign fund were for “food and beverage” and “lodging.”

Park City, Utah is WELL outside the boundaries of North Carolina’s Second Congressional District.  (Is this what she is talking about in her ads where she says she’s ‘fighting for the people of North Carolina’ ?)   How many people in Park City, Utah are eligible to vote in North Carolina’s Second District?  Surely, something paid for with campaign funds was done for the purpose of CAMPAIGNING among her constituents for reelection.  

Anyone reading Ellmers’s campaign report can see that about 75 to 80 percent of her campaign treasury comes from PACs and other interests outside the Second District.  So, one can argue that these trips to a FIVE-DIAMOND resort in Utah are funded by special interests with NEEDS from the U.S. House.

So, Renee says John Boehner of Ohio is her boss.  She is well-funded by PACs and other out-of-state interests that allow her to take fabulous vacations during a horrible recession.  So what does she need us — the residents of her congressional district — for?  She needs us to march like sheep to the polls on May 8 (and in November) to mark her name and give her two more years of the good life.