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Pinehurst 2011: The Village Green

  Plans to update or revamp the village’s historic downtown area have been a hot topic for the last couple of years.  Controversies have grown from village government’s consideration of the NewCore development strategy, the proposed Village Chapel expansion, and plans for revamping The Village…

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Hagan’s tax holiday: not a job creator, but a sweetheart deal for lobbyist pals

      The News & Observer, busy with rehabbing our buffoonish governor, is going to work to prop up our junior U.S. senator Kay Hagan, a Democrat — of course — from Greensboro: North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan Thursday introduced a bipartisan bill to…

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Pinehurst 2011: Google search reaps even more water talk

A media report on a 2010 public hearing before the Moore County Board of Commissioners featured this item: And Nancy Roy Fiorillo of the Pinehurst Village Council said the town of Pinehurst would love to give the county money to own its own water system,…

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Preaching today’s sermon … The EEOC!

A recent item in The Wall Street Journal indicates that the federal bureaucracy is taking an increasing interest in regulating the internal affairs of America’s churches: Today, the Obama administration will invite the Supreme Court to open a new front in the culture wars. Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical…

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He’s so poor that he ONLY has two flat-screen TVs!

BarryO and his zombie followers like to repeat this mantra about “the rich getting richer, and the poor getting poorer.” The BarryO-ites like to preach about the poverty rate exploding (thanks to those mean Republicans).  We’ve even been hit by reports about an explosion in…

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Should YOU be protesting on Wall Street?

          That question can be answered for you by this simple flow chart:                                                        …

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Pinehurst 2011: Water, Agua, eau

  Moore County has had more than its fair share of water drama in recent years.  Long periods without rain have mad water access  — in a county with limited natural water resources — an adventure. Southern Pines has its own water plant and reservoir….

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Environmentalists: Just say NO, NO, No, No, and NO

Environmentalists LOVE the word NO.  They like to tell us NO, you can’t build that house or that office building or that church or that shopping center.  They like to tell us NO you can’t use those aerosol cans or drive that car.  They also…

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Candy shaped like cannabis leaf: Just in time for those hungry OWS hippies

        I though this was a joke when I first read it.  Stores all over America are selling candy shaped like marijuana leaves: Candy shaped like marijuana that’s showing up on store shelves around the country won’t get kids high, but aghast…