Senate 2014: Has Burr signed on to Theam Tillis?


tlsBoy, this establishment crowd is starting to make us look quite  prescient.

Speaker senator (spenator?) Thom Tillis has hired consultant Paul Shumaker to run his campaign for the 2014 GOP nomination for US senator.  Shumaker is the top strategist for US Senator Richard Burr — having run his two successful election campaigns.

Tillis is a big fish in Charlotte and Raleigh.  But in DC, he’s a small fry.  When the stories — and video — started popping up about Tillis trolling for campaign dollars in DC, we began detecting Shumaker and Burr’s fingerprints on the whole affair.  (A number of our Inside The Beltway loyal readers began confirming our suspicions for us.) 

Now comes word that our state’s senior senator is stepping out in front for the “gentleman from Cornelius”:

Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) will headline a fundraiser to boost North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis’s (R) 2014 Senate bid, according to an invitation obtained by The Hill.

Burr will join Sens. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) and John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) for the Sept. 24 fundraiser in Washington, D.C., a sign establishment Republicans are rallying around Tillis even as others get into the primary against him.Burr’s support is especially important; along with North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R), he’s the state’s highest-profile Republican.

A source close to Burr, however, says the fundraiser is “not an official endorsement” of Tillis.

“He’ll help any North Carolina Republican who wants to come to D.C. to raise money,” the source says.

You hear THAT, Mr. Brannon, Ms. Grant, and Mr. Harris?  Call the man up (202-224-3154). Take him up on his offer.  And PLEASE let us know how it all works out for you. MORE:

Tillis is considered the GOP front-runner to face Sen. Kay Hagan (D-N.C.), a top GOP target. But he faces an expanding field of opponents, which could force him to run to the right and spend resources he’d prefer to save for the general election. 

Tea Party candidate Greg Brannon (R) has been in the race for months, and Baptist minister Mark Harris (R) told supporters last week that he’ll run. North Carolina state Senate President Phil Berger (R) has also kept his name in the mix.

According to a Public Policy Polling survey last week, 43 percent of Republicans are unsure whom to support in the GOP primary. Berger had 13 percent support, while Tillis had 12 percent.

But the support from Burr and other high-profile Republicans gives Tillis a major fundraising boost that could help him avoid a tough primary in the swing state.

According to PPP, Hagan leads Tillis by 15 percentage points — 51 percent to 36 percent — in a hypothetical general election match-up.

Donations are set at $1,000 per political action committee and $500 per person to attend the Tillis fundraiser.

Just think.  All of you folks in the Charlotte area COULD afford a ticket to attend this thing — if you weren’t having to save all of your nickels and dimes in preparation for Speaker Thom’s toll roads.


10 thoughts on “Senate 2014: Has Burr signed on to Theam Tillis?

  1. “You hear THAT, Mr. Brannon, Ms. Grant, and Mr. Harris? Call the man up (202-224-3154). Take him up on his offer. And PLEASE let us know how it all works out for you.”

    That would be interesting! All of them should do it.

  2. You don’t have to be born and raised in NC to be filled with horror and outrage as the true intentions of NC RINO’s are exposed. It is beyond perverse that we can’t unite behind the best, true conservative candidate. Ted Cruz won despite the insults, abuse,and lies hurled at him from Dewhurst & the Texas Rino’s. He was also outspent.
    It’s obvious that Dr. Brannon is a “conviction politician” driven by enormous moral strength embedded in his faith. He runs a business and as an OB-Gyn he is the only guy capable of crossing party lines to decimate any democrat by capturing the female vote. Women often use OB-GYN’s as their primary care physician, we ask their advice about our family members health and issues of highly sensitive, personal matters. Who doesn’t love the guy that delivers our kids and advises us about personal family matters? Who better to debate Kay about how the rationing and denial of procedures, medications,& technology that encompasses the ACA will harm everyone including women? He runs a business doesn’t he?
    I’m all for primaries but I’m sick of the political suicide that the Rino GOP commits because they lie about their true intentions (Burr Elmers et. al. in defunding ACA) for the sake of power. The taxpayer has been bled dry by democrats and rino’s. When asked about abortion every republican should give their opinion coupled with President Obama’s record of voting on partial-birth and infanticide and then launch into how democrat policies have botched and mutilated our constitution, economy and cultural values.
    At this point Dr. Brannon is the most solid candidate who can propel people to the polls.

    1. I strongly support Dr. Brannon as a Christian, husband, father, church leader, and a Constitutional Conservative. As a Regan Republican, I encourage each voter to ask is money more important than values. I encourage you to consider Dr. Brannon as a free-market Medical Professional able and willing to defend a child’s right to live, his willingness to state God’s definition regarding marriage and his strong belief the Constitution must be respected and adhered to as our nation is based on the rule of law and not the whims of man. The Constitution was written to allow for change, but it was purposely designed to make change difficult to prevent the nation from becoming a nation of small special interests. I pray for our leaders and our nation, but North Carolinians please understand our nation is in disarray and standing against God not with Him

  3. I know a lot of TEA Party folks and many of them, as do I, swear we will not vote for Tillis no matter what. Now that Burr has shown his true colors you can add him to that list. Great article, thank you for shining a light on the daily lives of the NC RINO’s.

  4. Any comparison to Brannon is a stretch. Ted Cruz is an Ivy League law school graduate married to a woman who is a member of the CFR and a former Goldman Sachs executive. (Cruz also believes in preemptive war agaisnt Iran when the Constitution does not recognize preemptive war.)

  5. And the fun has only just begun. It’s going to be an interesting year. Sadly, Richard Burr is out of touch with his constituents, he refuses to meet with them and says that their requests that he Defund Obamacare is a Dumb Idea. If you call his DC office to ask if he has changed his mind yet, you will be met with defensive talking points. All of this is well documented and I think it’s only fitting that he would be helping fellow, Im right and you don’t know hat you’re talking about, Tillis. They are two peas in a pod. NC’ians have been vocal with their disgust with the elite establishment-word is spreading.

    Lets just keep shining the light on the players…we’re hitting a nerve and making them feel the heat.

    BTW, can’t wait for the reports from the Brannon, Grant, Harris camps regarding their DC fundraisers with BurRino.

  6. Tillis was in attendance in our area’s recent God and Country event by the Christian Coalition. He wisely avoided our table. I think he realizes he’s not popular with many GOP members in our neck of the woods. Tillis is another slick politician who cares more about his power than that of individual citizens of NC.

    Another representative who I shall leave unnamed said something to the affect that Tillis was his boss. I quickly reminded him who the real boss is…WE THE PEOPLE. Burr, Tillis and the rest of the ruling elite need badly to be taken down a peg or two and be reminded who they are and what we expect from them. They will continue to undermine our freedom and wallow in their power as long as we allow them to do so.

  7. Defund and starve the toxic GOP Establishment. Fund OUR grassroots conservatives directly. Pretty simple. Pretty effective.

    Extra Credit Question: Will Greg Brannon … or any other grassroots candidate … pledge to the people of NC to self-limit his terms in office, and to bond that promise with a significant portion of his personal net worth, and if defaulted, the money to go to a bona fide charity?

    Brannon could get a leg up that no amount of campaign donations could buy by nullifying the shameful burden that unlimited terms in the Congress has imposed on our Republic.

    We live today with a failed government, a Republic in crisis, made possible by careerist legislators, whose souls must be traded for re-election funding and committee appointments. (Watch closely the emerging Burr-Tillis lash-up.)

    ” But, it takes many years to learn the ropes in Congress and to gain seniority … ! ”

    Hogwash! If our Congressmen can’t figure it out in six months, then we’ve sent the wrong man or woman to Washington. That leaves another five and a half unselfish, productive years for a Senator and for a US Representative, each serving a max of six years inside the Beltway … if they’ve pledged to term limits.

    Time to send Congressmen to Washington for the honor of serving his friends and neighbors, to follow the Constitution, and then return home to private life to live among those friends and neighbors under the same laws they helped establish. It is the essence of the representative republic that our careerist pols have done their damnedest to undermine.

    Break away from the failed Burr-Tillis pattern. Seek the honorable grassroots pathway for a change. It worked for Ted Cruz and other patriots. The NC grassroots will support you, too.

  8. Senate race in NC is important this year to have a “We the People” Republican beat Hagan. I’m all for primaries but this year more important to get behind the candidate that can win the seat. Looks to me like Brannon is building a grass roots following. Have heard him and was impressed. NCKen got this right “Fund OUR grassroots conservatives directly. Pretty simple. Pretty effective.” Elissa Fuchs, “At this point Dr. Brannon is the most solid candidate who can propel people to the polls.” So the point I am making is that Primary candidate that can propel people to the polls is the candidate to get behind with our primary $$.

  9. The only thing worse than a Tillis-Burr concoction would be a Hagan redo! Greg Brannon is the cream of the crop running for this office. I’ve heard him speak a number of times, and his intellect, passion & impressive knowledge of and commitment to the Constitution won me over! I can’t imagine a better representative of the REAL people! Phil Berger seems like a good guy, but I’m so ready for a fresh voice of truth, and candidates who represent the “we the people”, as opposed to representing their political comrades.

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