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#NCSEN: Tillis goes Hollywood, backs $40 million in additional state incentives for film industry

During the recently-completed GOP primary for US Senate, speaker Thom Tillis told a fundraiser crowd in Wilmington he favored the retention of state incentives for studios shooting movies and TV shows in North Carolina.  A few days later, several folks connected to Wilmington-based Screen Gems…

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#NCGA: Even MORE UNC BOG – campaign finance *Goodness*

Thom Tillis took a little heat a while back for pushing through an appointment of a Democrat to the UNC Board of Governors.  Tillis defended the appointment by talking about how much money the Democrat had helped him raise. Well, we’ve got another situation that…

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#NCSEN: Cost-of-living and the minimum wage

Kay Hagan and her lefty friends have been beating Republican Thom Tillis around the head and shoulders about what — we think — has been one of the smartest, most principled things he’s said while a Senate candidate:  […] Tillis has said he doesn’t support the…

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#NCGA: WWThD (What Will Thom Do?)

The North Carolina Senate has voted to send one heck of a hot potato over to the NC House. The economic development package creates a new method for handing out corporate welfare — a practice we frown upon in these parts.  But one part of…

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#NCSEN: Tilting Democrat?

That’s the word of DC-based political prognosticator Stuart Rothenberg on this year’s battle to unseat Miss Kay.  Hagan has been holding a steady lead in the polls since shortly after the end of the primary.  She’s outraised Tillis in the most recent fundraising reporting period….

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Gov. Pat takes a page from Thad Cochran’s political playbook

In Mississippi, when incumbent US senator Thad Cochran appeared to be going down in flames to Tea Party candidate Chris McDaniel, GOP establishment types sold their souls and threw in with Democrats to fend off the conservative hordes.  It looks like Pat McCrory — apparently…

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Gov. Pat takes to state-owned media to bash his own party

The ”I-told-you-so’s” from my conservative Charlotte amigos are reaching a crescendo.  They warned me — and anyone else who would listen prior to the election — that Pat McCrory would not hesitate to throw his fellow Republicans under the bus. Over the last week, we’ve…

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#NCGA: If Gov. Pat wants a fight, Mr. Berger is glad to give him one.

The media, Democrats, and Bill Barber’s rabble have tried to pitch us a narrative about some unified Republican front in Raleigh.  Unfortunately, all we’ve been able to see lately  is the Charlotte mafia — led by Speaker Thom and Gov. Pat — taking swing after…

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#NCGA: McCrory, Tillis, media gang up on Senate Republicans in budget fight

In budget reconciliation talks, the Senate has backed away from their insistence on dropping teacher tenure in exchange for pay raises. Smelling blood, Gov. Pat, Speaker Thom, and the drive-by media are pushing for even more: […] School superintendents from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school district as…

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Monkey Business Report: Special Tholl Road edition

The news about how the proposed I-77 toll lanes will cost $20 per day round trip — plus word about the Spanish contractor’s woes — has whipped up quite a political firestorm in northern Mecklenburg County.  Local politicians are running away from the toll plan…