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#NCSEN #NCGA: A North Carolina conservative maverick rides again

I first heard about John Rhodes in 2003 while he was serving in the North Carolina House.  He was raising questions about the ethics of Democrat House speaker Jim Black and his Republican co-conspirator co-speaker Richard Morgan.  I was involved in Moore County in an insurgent effort…

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#NCSEN: Did Thom Tillis shoot up this man’s building? (Enquiring Minds Want to Know!)

Cornelius resident Kenneth Cooke wants someone to pay for cleaning up the 2005 vandalism to one of his farm buildings.  His number one suspect? Then-Cornelius Town Councilman Thom Tillis.   Cooke sent Tillis an invoice for $200 in 2005, seeking reimbursement for cleaning up paintball…

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#NCSEN: College is HARD.

We’re helpful folks around here.  When political types struggle, we like to step up and help them set things right. College names can be confusing.  My alma mater, The George Washington University, is frequently mistaken for its DC-area neighbors Georgetown University and George Mason University….

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#NCSEN : Thom Tillis and the Ghosts of Elections Past

We’ve done some extensive reporting on the speaker’s activities on Jones Street.  Greg Brannon — one of speaker Thom’s opponents in the US Senate primary campaign — has raised ethical questions about the state House’s top man.  Even Charlotte pastor Mark Harris — another contender…

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#NCSEN: The shih-tzu shows his teeth

N&O executive editor John Drescher’s attack lapdog is upset that the mean ol’ baby doctor is “attacking” Mr. Invevitable in the GOP’s US Senate primary.  The remnants of the Tar Heel State’s mainstream media soooo want the baggage-laden dollar-chasing ideological weathervane from Cornelius (by way of…

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#NCSEN Tillis: US Chamber endorsement COMING SOON (amnesty bogeyman, too?)

The heated issues of “comprehensive immigration reform” and amnesty have tripped up congresswoman Renee Ellmers and US Senate candidate Mark Harris.  It appears NC House Speaker — and US Senate candidate — Thom Tillis may soon get tossed in that briar patch. Tillis bragged over…

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#NCSEN PPP March poll shows serious Tillis drop, slight Brannon climb

I am sure the latest polling from PPP is causing a lot of establishment heads to get scratched in bewilderment.  State House speaker Thom Tillis is getting all the buzz as the inevitable GOP nominee against incumbent US senator Kay Hagan.  He’s racking up endorsements…

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#NCSEN: The Thom Tillis Show, force-fed to you by the NCGOP establishment

The Lincoln County GOP is holding their annual Lincoln / Reagan dinner this weekend.  Whatpiques my interest about the event is the web page promoting it.  The page features a big ol’ picture of smilin’ Thom Tillis and notes that he will be keynote speaker…

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#NCSEN: Scheduling an ad buy vs. PAYING for it

I had a rather enlightening phone call with a friend who pulls down a hefty paycheck for his behind-the-scenes work in federal-level election campaigns.  (To my knowledge, he is not involved in any of North Carolina’s campaigns this year.)  He — like so much of…

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#NCSEN: A theory about that Tillis ad buy

The NC House speaker’s fan club is beside itself over the Tillis for Senate campaign’s $1 million ad buy.  Mainstream media are touting the fact that the ad is biographical, does not mention Kay Hagan, or any of the other GOP candidates, or even Tillis’…