#NCSEN: “I want to be NUMBER ONE.”

tillis listenWell, state House speaker and Republican US Senate nominee has wasted little time in announcing his goals — explaining why we should send him to DC for six years.

First, he declared that one of the top things he’d like to do — upon settling down in DC — is to chair the National Republican Senatorial Committee.     That sure did wonders for Elizabeth Dole, didn’t it?   

The NRSC gig puts you in a position to get extra cozy with folks trying to buy influence in Capitol Hill’s upper chamber.  You get a lot of extra time playing politics, traveling the country, going on TV, and doing all kinds of other stuff.  The benefits to the folks back home, or for the economy and the nation, are a little suspect.

Here’s another apparent goal that we’ve picked up off of Twitter:


THAT is a bit of a head-scratcher.  On one hand, you could dismiss this as just one of the typical groveling, patronizing things politicians say out on the stump. (i.e.,  “It’s great to be here in Short Pump — eating Shorty’s barbecue, the BEST barbecue in this great state.”)  On the other hand, Tillis appears to be saying that he wants to increase the federal government’s footprint in our state. Don’t get me wrong.  I love the military.  I come from a military family, and have a lot of friends still serving.  But does increasing the active duty military presence in North Carolina make sense from a fiscal or national security standpoint?

A better idea to woo the military and veterans might be to sign on to reforming the VA — something like shuttering these nightmarish government facilities and implementing an insurance plan that allows vets to get their treatment in much better, private facilities. That’s got to be more efficient and cost-effective and humane.   Or working to roll back ObamaCare, taxes and regulations so soldiers can find a job when their enlistment ends, and their families can make ends meet. 

I hope it gets better than this.

2 thoughts on “#NCSEN: “I want to be NUMBER ONE.”

  1. If one looks at what NRSC has been doing this election cycle, they have been a maliciously anti-conservative cabal. There is lots of material on that over at RedState. They have meddled in primaries, promoted leftwing Republicans and viciously attacked conservatives. The NRSC is sort of like Think Progress in drag.

    NRSC briefly got off that kick in 2012, but were hard at their anti-conservative behavior in 2010. One of their big embarrassments that year was endorsing liberal Charlie Crist in Florida before the primary, helping him raise money, and giving him money themselves. They completely ignored Marco Rubio who was challenging Crist from the right in the primary. When polls started showing Rubio ahead of Crist, Crist did a runner and ran as an Independent instead, leaving NRSC in the lurch, looking foolish, and trying to get its money back. Charlie Crist, once the darling of the NRSC, is the Democrat candidate for Governor in Florida this year, challenging the GOP incumbent.

    Tillis wanting to team up with the rascals at NRSC just shows one more reason for conservatives to skip over his race in November.

    Oh, and no conservative should EVER consider contributing a nickel to the anti-conservative jerks at NRSC. Instead, give direct to dependable conservative candidates or to dependable groups like the Senate Conservatives Fund or, Club for Growth.


  2. To give a little bit of flavor of the type of people who populate the NRSC, their former Executive Director, Rob Jesmer, now works for liberal billionaire Mark Zuckerburg’s pro-amnesty PAC, which is already attacking conservative Republicans for the general election. Zuckerburg is a major Obama supporters, and amnesty for illegal aliens is now his big issue.

    It seems like progressive anti-conservative Thom Tillis would fit right in.

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