About that “council” running those pro-Hagan ads

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Viewers in my neck of the woods are getting peppered with TV ads telling us HOW GREAT Kay Hagan is doing in DC.  They are apparently being produced by a group called The Council for American Job Growth.
Sounds kinda pro-business and conservative, huh?  Think again.  Check their website.   Be sure to pay especially close attention to the section of the site entitled “Who We Are”:

Todd Schulte previously served as Chief of Staff at Priorities USA Action, the Super PAC supporting President Obama’s re-election. Prior to that he served as Congressman Scott Murphy’s (NY-20) Chief of Staff and worked at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.
He resides in Washington, DC with his beautiful chocolate lab Pippa and even more beautiful wife Lindsey.

Scott Murphy
Former Congressman Scott Murphy represented New York’s 20th Congressional District from 2009-2011 and spent two decades in the private sector as an entrepreneur and investor in technology companies.
Alida Garcia
Alida Garcia worked as the former Deputy Latino Vote Director for President Obama’s successful reelection effort.
Joe Lockhart
Joe Lockhart served as Press Secretary for President Bill Clinton from 1998-2000 and is a co-founder and Managing Director of the Glover Park Group.
So, it’s the DNC, the Obama campaign, and the Bill & Hillary Clinton clique.  Keep that in mind as you see their stuff pop up on your TV screen between now and the 2014 election.