A primer on the US economy for LOW-INFORMATION VOTERS





The lefties (and many establishment Republicans) are promoting the idea of increasing the debt ceiling — AGAIN — as simply paying for your  obligations.  Just like us paying our phone bills, and mortgages, and car payments.  * No big deal. *  The mainstream media is soaking that up and spitting it back out to its  readers / viewers.  An awful lot of  average Americans are BUYING that nonsense.

The Congress has failed — for the last FIVE YEARS — to honor its Constitutionally-mandated responsibility to pass a budget.  So, they keep passing these continuing resolutions to keep the government limping along.  In 2011, the GOP majority in the House agreed to raise the debt ceiling in exchange for spending cuts.  The debt ceiling — our national credit limit — was raised to $16 trillion.  We’ve already hit that.  

In the 2011 deal, the GOP went along with the Democrats, promising to stand firm when the fiscal cliff deadline arrived.  Well, we just went through the whole fiscal cliff ordeal, and the DC Republicans folded like a bunch of cheap suits.  They gave the Democrats just about everything they wanted.  Now, the DC GOP is saying ‘We’ll show ’em with the next debt ceiling fight.’ 

Here we are in the debt ceiling discussion.  The deadline is set to arrive at the dawn of March.  Republican leaders in Congress are already putting up a proposal to raise the debt ceiling.  AGAIN. 

What happens in your house when you have a pile of expenses, and not enough money?  In most sane households, the expenses get cut.   In Congress, they keep spending.  In fact, when they hit the credit limit — a/k/a the debt ceiling — they raise the debt ceiling, which is a lot like signing up for new credit cards.  If someone in your house maxed out a credit card, then went out and signed up for five more, you’d slap them silly.  With the Congress, we respond to basically the same actions by re-electing them.