NC Grassroots saying “Hell NO” to Barry and his “executive actions”

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If you have a few spare moments today, stop by Ed’s Gun Shop in Moore County (on US 1 between Vass and Southern Pines).  Grassroots activists and gun rights advocates are gathering there this frigid Saturday to voice their displeasure over President Barry’s 23 executive actions rightly seen by many as an attack on The Constitution’s Second Amendment.

Event organizers are hoping the event will put pressure on federal and state officials to stand up against the “executive actions,” kind of like what Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant has done.   Rand Paul, Kentucky’s junior U.S. Senator, is taking action to nullify Barry’s executive actions.

Many local and regional elected officials are attending the rally to show support for the effort.  Congresswoman Renee Ellmers (R) from neighboring Harnett County has reportedly told event organizers that she will be sending “a representative.” Hate to upset Mr. Boehner, Mr. Cantor and the other fellas up there in DC. 

I’ve been surprised at how many normally apolitical people have been speaking favorably and passionately about this rally.  The political class needs to beware.  This is a lot like the environment we saw in 2008 and 2009.  Folks went to sleep after 2010  — thinking the job was done.

Unfortunately, we’ve got Republicans in Raleigh and DC who are caving and folding on taxes, spending, gun control, voter ID, pork barrel spending, limited government (etc., etc., *SIGH*).   We won a battle in 2010.  But THE WAR is far from over.


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  1. Good turnout at Ed’s Gun Shop in Vass for the first of several events to support the 2nd amendment and National Gun Appreciation Day. judge Ron Wilkins delivered speech on history of how the 2nd amendment became part of the constitution. THe crowd soaked this up because this was new info to most. Senator Jerry Tillman spook about how defending the 2nd amendment is so importantbecause if it goes so goes the rest of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. When that happens we become subjects of the government with no liberty or rights. Other speakers stressed similar themes. I am impressed that the people of NC will probably not set back and go quietly over this issue.

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