Tillis: question is NOT whether to implement ObamaCare, but HOW to do it

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It appears the “conservative revolution” in Raleigh is NOT going to follow the lead of South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee and 24 other U.S. states in fighting the implementation of ObamaCare at the state level.  Experts have determined that enough states refusing to set up health care exchanges would delay / cripple the impending economic disaster known affectionately as ObamaCare.  

Before leaving office, Gov. Bev requested money from the federal government to aid North Carolina in the establishment of a state-level health care exchange. Well, the money has arrived in Raleigh.  Grassroots activists are encouraging Gov. Pat and the GOP majority in the General Assembly to block the establishment of the exchanges by citing the 10th amendment to the US Constitution.

Gov. Pat has described ObamaCare as “the law of the land” that needs to be acted on.  House Speaker Thom Tillis, earlier this week, spoke to a group of business leaders here in Moore County.  He took questions on a lot of issues, including the thorny subject of health care exchanges and ObamaCare.   A friend of this site was in the room, and offered up this report on Tillis’s ObamaCare comments:

“He said he understood that a lot of people have concerns about the health care exchanges and want state leaders to fight them.  He told us about his business experience, and that of a lot of the GOP leaders in the legislature.  He said he and his team will look at the health care exchanges — from a business-like point of view — and try to determine the best, most sensible way to put them into place.”

So, it appears the GOP establishment has tossed the concept of limited government out the window, and has decided to cling tightly to the concept of “managing” the welfare state more efficiently than the Democrats.   It’s clear that those of us who clearly see and understand the threat ObamaCare poses to our economy and our country need to put some serious heat on these politicians.  Call them.  Email them.  Buttonhole them.  Get in their faces.  Explain to them that they are replaceable. 


14 thoughts on “Tillis: question is NOT whether to implement ObamaCare, but HOW to do it

  1. Tillis has not been a friend to conservatives that I have seen. Call his office and let him hear about it!

  2. OMG. This is outrageous and utterly unacceptable. If the Republicans in Raleigh follow this path, I will renounce the party forever. I cannot believe they would betray us so completely.

    1. William, I agree, this is “outrageous and utterly unacceptable”. However, don’t “renounce the party” (and leave the RINOs in power). Join with us, and become the party. Party officers will be elected in February. Make your vote count with ours. Defeat the RINOs!!

    1. William we should vote them out if they implement this because they were elected to go and do the opposite: Repeal the Obamacare. Do they not realize we got them in office and we can get them out.

  3. Thom Tillis has one vote. There are 119 other Representatives who have votes that count, along with 50 Senators. 61 votes in the House and 26 in the Senate will be required to enact any legislation, so the jury is still out regarding what will happen. Don’t get wrapped up on the comments of one Representative, even if he is the Speaker. He still has only one vote.

    1. Granted, he has only 1 vote, but the Speaker is the one who decides WHICH bills come to the floor for a vote, is he not? Should principled legislators file legislation to stop ObamaCare, isn’t it within the power of the Speaker to decline to schedule them for a vote?

      1. Thanks Adam. We need to shed much light on this corrupt process in the NCGA – the fact that the Speaker has near dictatorial power over legislation regardless of the wishes of ALL the other members of the NC House including those in leadership.

    2. John Boehner has only one vote in the US Congress but look at the resistance to Conservatives and the mess he has created and continues to create!

      Tea Party members be very aware that, “establishment” Republicans in NC and Washington DC despise the Tea Party.

  4. NO CONFIDENCE in Tillis for Speaker. He does not represent true Conservatism in even the least of ways!!!

  5. We should remember how OBAMACARE was passed … no hearings, no time to to even read the bill, and too much “horsetrading” to buy votes. In fact, the bill was never PASSED by both Senate and House as required by our Constitution. There was never an up or down vote in Pelosi’s House … Obamacare was just “deemed to pass” by trick of legislative legerdemain. And, as Rep Ryan explained to Obama in Baltimore, the funding plan was completely dishonest. There is no way that Obamacare could meet Obama’s specific guidance to limit 10-year cost to under 900 Billion … and that was based on 6 years of expenditures vs. 10 yrs of revenues. Now we in the States have an opportunity to slay this dragon … so lets do it and send Obama’s $$$ back to him. We know from past experience, Federal $$$ to implement a new program is just “seed money” that will quickly dry up and the states will be left holding an “unfunded mandate” with no Federal $$$ to help pay the future bills. Don’t be SNOOKERED. Vote NO on establishing a NC State exchange.

  6. As wisely noted in earlier comments – for emphasis:
    — the future budget implications are tremendous for NC;
    — the Federal control of a literally vital portion of our
    lives is unacceptable (&, will drive up costs even more);
    — experts have advised it IS possible to block implementation;
    — Speaker Tillis CAN be influenced (this, in my opinion, is
    the action plan to follow…)

  7. Thom ”Obamacare” Tillis has instantly made himself ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE as a US Senate nominee in 2014.

    He is showing exactly where he came from in politics – the Richard Morgan / Jim Black cesspool.

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