A mixed review for Tuesday’s legislative session …

The conservative majority in the state legislature continued their beatdown of Madame Governor in Tuesday’s business — overriding her vetoes of bills limiting the payment of unemployment benefits and installing a waiting period for abortions in the state.  Supporters of the override said it was important to stop Perdue from shelling out even more money for unemployment benefits. They pointed to the billions in debt the state already owes the federal government for unemployment funds. Extending benefits, they argued, would dip the state further into the red when it already has a significant hole to dig itself out of.   Override supporters suggested that the state should look into ways to put the state into a recovery, rather than trying to extend residents’ stay on the dole.

An override of Madame Governor’s veto of legislation requiring a waiting period for women seeking abortions was approved by one vote, thanks to an emotional plea from state Rep. Ruth Samuelson (R-Mecklenburg).   Democrats protested the legislation, calling it an outrageous intrusion into private lives.  O —– Kay. 

Currently, in North Carolina, the government makes you wait ONE YEAR from the time you and your spouse separate until your divorce is finalized.   Gun buyers are also forced to wait a set period of time before purchasing guns or obtaining concealed-carry permits.   The divorce requirement is a CLEAR case of government intruding into people’s private affairs.  Yet, there is not a peep from Democrats allegedly concerned about government intrusion into private lives.  The U.S. Constitution explicitly grants people the right to bear arms, yet government has no problem placing limits on it.  U.S. Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision fabricated a constitutional right to an abortion out of thin air.  So, this “right” to abortion cannot be limited under any circumstances, but a right that is specifically laid out in the Constitution can be limited up the wazoo.

You gotta love politicians and their “logic.”

The real disappointment from Tuesday came in the failure to override Purdue’s veto of legislation requiring photo ID to cast a vote in North Carolina elections.  This was the last piece of legislation I expected to fail. It is so common-sense.  It is hard to find anyone sane and reasonable on the street who opposes the idea of making people show ID before they receive a ballot.  There are so many other situations in life where you have to prove who you are.  Why not do it when you vote? That’s a pretty significant responsibility.

This was a victory for pure machine politics.  Many, many old time pols who have sat in Raleigh for decades depend on political machines back home to keep them at the public trough and on the public payroll.  Any scrutiny of election day activities at local precincts across the state would hinder those less-than honorable (or legal) machine operations.  This override failure was a victory for career politicians and political machines, and a loss for taxpayers who play by the rules while ekeing out a living.