YES, there IS life AFTER government funding …

The recently passed state budget cut out funding for the North Carolina Governor’s School,  and The Left quickly pounced on that as another piece of evidence of how conservatives want to hurt the state’s children. What were our state’s most academically gifted children to do without an allocation of tax money?

Well, reports are out now that suggest Governor’s School will be just fine with private funding.   Supporters set a goal of $100,000 to keep the program running for the next year, and ended up raising more than $137,000 from alumni and their friends and family.

My friends on The Left need to learn a simple lesson:  Any venture viewed by the public as worthwhile CAN survive and thrive on private funding.  If there is demand out there in the public, people will pay for it.  Simple free enterprise capitalism at its best. 

The next time leftists start insisting that public radio and public television and “the arts” NEED tax money to survive,  remind them of what happened with North Carolina Governor’s School.