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#ncsen: ISIS, Khorosan? But what about OUR southern border?

DC had Republican Senate candidates talking about making birth control pills available over-the-counter.  Now, DC has got candidates talking about ISIS.  George Holding is running ads about ISIS.  Thom Tillis is running ads about ISIS.  But we’re not hearing much about what is arguably our…

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#ncsen: CNN poll says Hagan 46, Tillis 43, Haugh 7

THAT is among Likely Voters. If you consider registered voters, the split is Hagan 46, Tillis, 39, Haugh 9.   The poll was conducted Sept. 22 through 25.   A total of 1010 voters were surveyed.  The margin of error for registered voters was +-3.5…

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#ncsen: The campaign trail tap-dance. ( Jeb WHO ????)

Why on God’s green earth would you have someone campaign for you who so fundamentally disagrees with you on the issues?  That’s the story the Tillis campaign tried to sell The New York Times and North Carolina voters Wednesday:  […] Standing alongside Thom Tillis, the…

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#ncsen: Hagan, Tillis and Obama’s stimulus

The 2009 so-called “stimulus” passed by the Congress was one of the biggest budget-busting, deficit-growing, big-government, cronyism-enabling scams to ever come out of our capital city.  It appears that BOTH major party candidates in North Carolina’s US Senate race — and some close to them…

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#ncsen: what the voters REALLY care about this year

THIS should be required reading for ANYONE with influence in the GOP campaign to unseat Kay Hagan. Kay Hagan wants to talk about birth control pills and public school classroom size.  Thom Tillis wants to talk about his paper route.  American Insights has decided to throw…

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#ncsen: All about Jeb, Kay’s “strength”, and a “headache” for the GOP

There are a lot of Republicans around who would LOVE to see a poll with a number next to Thom Tillis’s name that is bigger than the number next to Kay Hagan’s name.  (It’s been a while.)  The news media covered former Florida Gov. Jeb…

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#ncsen: Gravis-Human Events poll says Hagan 46, Tillis 42

There’s another poll out.  This one is a joint venture between Gravis Marketing and the conservative web site Human Events.  It seems to follow the pattern of what we’ve seen from other recent polls. This survey was of 860 likely voters, with a margin of…

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#ncsen: Politics is a contact sport. Why the kid gloves?

Those of you who were hoping for a more aggressive strategy out of the Tillis campaign are likely going to be disappointed: […] So there you have it. Thom Tillis is trailing by a handful of points against an incumbent stuck in the mid-40s, and…

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#ncsen: League of Conservation Voters poll — Hagan 45. Tillis 41, Haugh 5

The League of Conservation Voters — a leftist group typically aligned with Democrats —has released a poll showing incumbent Democrat Hagan leading her Republican challenger, but only within the margin of error. The survey was conducted among 600 likely mid-term election voters from September 13-18….

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Oh, Thom calls EVERYBODY by their first name. EVERYBODY. (Really.)

Feminists have made a lot of noise about Thom Tillis referring to Senator Kay Hagan as “Kay,” while she called him “Speaker Tillis” during the first televised Senate debate on September 3.  Calling your opponent by his or her first name, instead of their formal…