How is THIS not party disloyalty?

We’ve all heard about the railroading the ‘Haywood Five’ got from NCGOPe leaders.  Sharing a humorous libertarian T-shirt design on Facebook.  Questioning the RINO tendencies of a local elected Republican.  THAT kind of thing. 

Now, it appears our two Republican US senators are joining the Swamp effort to sink the Senate candidacy of Alabama GOP nominee Roy Moore.  Sinking him results in a Democrat being elected.  Sounds — and looks — like working against the interests of the party (to the benefit of the Democrats) to me.

Moore is getting bombarded with decades-old accusations.  Just like Trump did in the presidential race.  (Those have all quietly gone away, of course, now that the smoke has cleared.)   And ANYTHING connected to Gloria Allred immediately sets off my BS-alarms.

Somebody saying something — and somebody actually filing criminal charges — are two drastically different things.

It’s up to the people of Alabama who they choose to represent them in the US Senate.  Not two yo-yos from The Old North State. 

Mark Meadows AND Mike Huckabee both have the correct take on this:  Leave it to the people of Alabama.  

Unsubstantiated campaign-time garbage is being talked about Moore.  Meanwhile, Democrat senator Robert Menedez is up on federal corruption charges — some of which include alleged sex with underage Dominican hookers. Not a peep from the MSM or the rest of The Swamp about him. (And he’s facing serious prison time.)