How is THIS not party disloyalty?

We’ve all heard about the railroading the ‘Haywood Five’ got from NCGOPe leaders.  Sharing a humorous libertarian T-shirt design on Facebook.  Questioning the RINO tendencies of a local elected Republican.  THAT kind of thing. 

Now, it appears our two Republican US senators are joining the Swamp effort to sink the Senate candidacy of Alabama GOP nominee Roy Moore.  Sinking him results in a Democrat being elected.  Sounds — and looks — like working against the interests of the party (to the benefit of the Democrats) to me.

Moore is getting bombarded with decades-old accusations.  Just like Trump did in the presidential race.  (Those have all quietly gone away, of course, now that the smoke has cleared.)   And ANYTHING connected to Gloria Allred immediately sets off my BS-alarms.

Somebody saying something — and somebody actually filing criminal charges — are two drastically different things.

It’s up to the people of Alabama who they choose to represent them in the US Senate.  Not two yo-yos from The Old North State. 

Mark Meadows AND Mike Huckabee both have the correct take on this:  Leave it to the people of Alabama.  

Unsubstantiated campaign-time garbage is being talked about Moore.  Meanwhile, Democrat senator Robert Menedez is up on federal corruption charges — some of which include alleged sex with underage Dominican hookers. Not a peep from the MSM or the rest of The Swamp about him. (And he’s facing serious prison time.)

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  1. F rated republicans do not want a new republican senator to take office and become A rated and make them look even worse when they fight against the conservative principles the people voted them in office to fight for

    Tom The Terrible Tillis and Richard Tricky Dick Burr are the real NC republican embarrassments


    1. Amen! Judge Roy Moore would be like Kryptonite to the corruption that feeds these two sell outs. They are just as a afraid of Judge Roy Moore as they are President Trump. By the way, I am a woman. And I am not swayed one bit by the allegations against Judge Roy Moore, having seen this game of well timed charges played out so many times, while the Left routinely excuses the real rapes, violent injury, stalking, and intimidation from President Clinton; aided and abetted by Hillary.

      The presence of Tillis and Burr as our Republican Senators speaks volumes to me about the corruption in the NC Republican Party. The two party system needs to go.

    2. Burr is not running again , and as far as I am concern Tillis may as well not either . I, m not happy with Tillis , seems he has no balls when it time to stand up to democrats , and I want a Republican with guts , who will stand his ground to represent the GOP !

  2. I actually just saw that the Washington Post site is featuring a story on the R. Menedez corruption hearing right now. So much for “not a peep from the MSM…”
    Trump actually bragged about his sexual assaults. Good old Roy Moore thought his high position would insulate him from exposure of his assaults. These brave women are coming forward in what is a Very hard thing to do, tell the world of their being assaulted by Mr. Moore. That our Senators are expressing their position on these affairs is fine and they DO know that the people of Alabama will vote for who they want to replace Sessions.

    1. Come back when you have more than 10 seconds on one of the Fake News outlets like ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or PMSNBC…or even a front page story in the Fake news WaPo or NYT. Once this happens you may have some credibility.

      Lets see how quickly they come to crucifying Franken too…lets see if they devote as much time to ANOTHER sitting demorat being a sex abuser sleaze ball like Sleaze Bob Menedez.

      1. The Menedez story is all over the news – on all the MSM sites you list. So is the Franken story. The article above said “not a peep from the MSM…”
        Waaay Off.

        1. The American media has ignored or downplayed Menendez’ sexual romps with underage girls in the Dominican Republic, which are A LOT more recent than four decades ago. The European press had reported it, but it has largely been covered up by the self-styled ”mainstream media” in the US. It is all part of the double standard of the liberal US media.

        1. But they have downplayed Menendez’s sexual relations with underage Dominican prostitutes, something that even the European press has reported, but the US liberal media seems to stonewall as much as they can.

          Have they flooded the Dominican Republic with herds of reporters to dig dirt on Menendez like the have Alabama on Roy Moore? Heck, they are not doing that with Frnaken in Minnesota, either. Liberal big media plays a double standard and one cannot trust a word they say.

    2. Richard Burr backed Thad Cochran in the Mississippi US Senate primary in 2014, even though Cochran boasted at a campaign stop of committing bestiality in his youth – “all kinds of indecent things with farm animals, and you know what that is”. Here is the video:
      One wonders about the age and the consent of the animals? And that is a direct admission, not a mere unproven and denied allegation.

      Burr did more than endorse Cochran. He was one of seven establishment senators led by Mitch McConnell who funnelled money to a dirty dishonest smear campaign to use race-baiting to drive black Democrats to improperly vote in the GOP runoff for Cochran. Here is a British newspaper account of that dirty deed:
      Here is the Senate Conservatives Fund account of tracking down the seven Senators responsible for funding that outrage:

      So, Burr is okay with personally funding dirty tricks to back an establishment Senator who admits to bestiality but calls for a conservative with unproven allegations involving human females against him to withdraw?

      1. Burr’s candidate Thad Cochran had more funny business than his admitted preference for four-legged girlfriends in his youth. As a Senator, Cochran left his ailing wife back home in Mississippi and was shacked up in Washington with a much younger female member of his Senatorial staff. Wilbur Mills had lost his Congressional seat over a similar relationship some years earlier. Dating an employee is just not cool. On top of that, Cochran frequently took his staffer/mistress on many taxpayer paid overseas junkets overseas. All of this was well known to Burr, as the admission of the four legged girlfriends must have been as well, when Burr put tens of thousands of dollars into a dirty tricks campaign to help establishment underdog Cochran beat conservative frontrunner McDaniel in the Mississippi GOP Senate runoff.

        What a stinking hypocrite Richard Burr is.

  3. I am sick of Republicans at all levels publicly barbecuing other Republicans.
    The Democrats are attending these barbecues, and they’re bringing the marshmallows!
    Tillis & Burr are leaders in the party and should be setting an example.

  4. The opinion of our 52 Republican senators seems to be just about unanimous. All 5 Republicans who had endorsed him have taken their endorsements back, including conservative stalwarts Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul.

    I can find not a single Republican Senator who has sided with Moore, and dozens who want him to withdraw. Doesn’t it seem obvious to readers of the Haymaker that just about everybody finds Moore’s accusers more believable than Moore himself?

    So what exactly have Burr and Tillis done or said that is out of the Republican mainstream?

    By the way, even Hannity and Bannon sound very nervous about Moore, and Drudge’s headline called him “Judge Whore” all day yesterday….

    1. What matters as to party loyalty is not what any outsiders in Washington, DC say, but what the official party organization in Alabama says, and they have reaffirmed their support of Roy Moore:

      Roy Moore is the candidate of the Republican Party of Alabama and anyone in the GOP attacking him is thus committing party disloyalty. That includes Burr and Tillis and also includes Mitch McConnell and his establishment cronies. Mitch McConnell badly needs to be removed from his position for many reasons.

      The grassroots needs to jerk the chains of the sellout elected officials very, very hard. This should not be tolerated in the slightest.

    2. These American establishment types, media and politicians, who are on their inquisition against Roy Moore, have not made a peep about President Macron of France, who as a teenage high school student started an affair with his married teacher, old enough to be his mother. In fact, she is 24 years older than Macron. She continued to be his mistress until they finally married about ten years ago.

      Not only is the age difference much wider than any of Moore’s accusers, but the teacher-student angle also is a major factor, as is the fact that she was married.

      Macron was still elected President of France.

  5. Burr and Tillis jump all over a Republican just before a critical Senate election but they ignore allegations of underage sex involving a Democrat Senator, Bob Menendez, the same Menendez recently on trial for corruption. The Dishonest Democrat Media also downplayed that one. They did not sent out the armies of reporters like they did to Alabama to dig dirt. Yet, this was even news in the UK as shown by this article in the Daily Mail of London:

    Also, not a peep from Tillis or Burr calling for Sen. Al Franken to resign over his sexual assaults which are even documented by a photograph of him groping a sleeping woman who he had previously forcibly kissed.

    Roy Moore has received the backing of the Alabama GOP, so it is extremely inappropriate, and meets the definition of party disloyalty for Burr and Tillis to be taking a contrary position:

    The swamp establishment, including suckweasel McConnell and his cronies want Moore to withdraw immediately based on unproven charges, but with a photograph of Franken doing the groping of the sleeping woman leaving no reason for doubt, they want to give him a full hearing before the Ethics Committee, which will take months, and leave an opportunity for the swamp to whitewash matters after they blow over. That is a double standard for conservatives and liberals.

    More and more holes are showing in the smears on Moore, particularly the one orchestrated by crooked liberal muckraker Gloria Allred, who has orchestrated fabricated stories before. On this one, the Alabama press and Rush LImbaugh are covering things the Big Media are not, that raise serious questions about her tale, including:
    1) The yearbook signature bears the initials of one of Moore’s assistants who often signed his name for him, so it is not even his signature.
    2) The woman claims Moore locked all the doors so she could not get out of the car. Cars that existed in 1977 when this allegedly happened were not equipped to allow a driver to do that. It was only much later that such child lock systems were installed on cars. She could have unlocked her own door herself at any time.
    3) She claims Moore drove her to a parking area behind the diner, but as the Alabama press is reporting, there is no parking area or a place someone could park behind the diner.
    This bears all the hallmarks of a Gloria Allred scam.

    As to the women in the Washington Post hit piece, where they sent legions of reporters to Alabama to try to dig dirt on Moore, they neglect to reveal in their article that one of the women they quote was a paid worker for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

    Burr and Tillis are way out of line and need to be held to account for their blatant party disloyalty by the grassroots. We need to be backing the official position of the Alabama Republican Party, not the position of the liberal media and the anti-conservative Senate leadership.

  6. Lets give these guys an opportunity to make amends. Now that the Alabama Republican Party has spoken, they need to get in line with the party position. Burr and Tillis have the opportunity now to adjust their position back to the party position, and if they do, we should thank them for that and forgive their previous transgression. But if they stay on the side of the liberal media, the Democrats, and the DC RINO’s and against the endorsement of the Republican Party, then we need to go after them, hammer and tongs. That would mark them as traitors in our midst.

    It is also significant that President Trump, when questioned by the media did not take a position on the Alabama race. One can accept that. If you cannot help the party, at least do no harm.

  7. We will remember this come next election. Trust me you will not be re-elected. We the public are tired of your disloyalty to our party and our President !!!

  8. Burr & Tills are Dem, trying to fool all of us. They don’t want Moore in the Senate they know he will let all of know what crooks they are. they don’t want their great deal mess up period.

  9. Burr and Tillis have lied to the voters of NC who elected them, they have joined the RINOS McConnell, McCain, Graham and Flake. Burr and Tillis both ran as conservatives then joined the Establishment Swamp Rats and have sold out their supporters. They need to remember the symbol of the GOP is an elephant and that elephants do not forget. They both had better mend their ways or get ready to lose their jobs as Senators.

  10. What has happened to “innocent until proven guilty”. Someone says “this happened” and without batting an eye, its guilty, guilty and step down! There are just too many women coming “out” with accusations (even though some may have stayed silently to progress themselves in whatever they wanted at that time). Now some very well may be true, but with this avalanche it is quite probable that there are many jumping on the bandwagon for own “hour in the spotlight”, so back to innocent until proven guilty! And, as a North Carolinian Burr and Tillis need to mind their own business (NC has its own problems for them to keep busy and let Alabama take care of their own business). Votes are being cast by Alabama ONLY, so this is their business ONLY!! The rest of the states need to stay out of it!!!

  11. I being a fiscal conservative independent North Carolina native and resident certainly hope that someone in the Republican runs against these two establishment Republicans in the primaries! They are part of the swamp that needs draining badly!

  12. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. They are all a bunch of hypocrites with their slush/hush fund ( your and my taxes at work).

  13. Will Tillis be hoist on his own petard? Has he unwittingly set a precedent that can come back to haunt him? Suppose Tillis is a GOP nominee for some office in 2020, and GOP conservatives unhappy with Tillis’ liberal record on policy publicly call for him to withdraw. If Tillis himself gets away with doing that to Judge Moore, hasn’t he just set himself up for disgruntled conservatives to do the same thing right back to him in the future?

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