Leftist “hell-raiser” prof sues, can’t understand WHY UNC won’t promote her

If there is a protest in Chapel Hill, you can bet Altha Cravey will — at some point — be in the vicinity.  We wrote about this faculty member, who describes her self as ”pretty good at raising hell”, back in 2015.

Altha is back in the news claiming that the uptight conservatives in Chapel Hill are hurting her ability to advance professionally:

A female geography professor has sued officials at UNC-Chapel Hill, claiming gender discrimination and retaliation for raising concerns of sex and racial discrimination at the university.

The faculty member, Altha Cravey, filed a complaint this week in Middle District of U.S. District Court against the university and three administrators — Chancellor Carol Folt, College of Arts and Sciences Dean Kevin Guskiewicz and Geography Department Chair Michael Emch. She is seeking back wages and benefits, promotion, compensatory damages and attorney’s fees.

She claims she has been denied promotion to full professor while male professors with similar or lesser credentials and experience have been promoted. A university spokeswoman declined to comment on the lawsuit Friday.[…]

Okay.  She’s white and female — checking off both the jackpot boxes in the social justice warrior game.  Let’s learn more about the important work she’s doing in those hallowed halls of learning in Orange County:

[…] Cravey is an associate professor of geography at UNC, where she has been on the faculty for 23 years. Her teaching includes courses on globalization, migration, trans-nationality, feminist geography, Latino studies and Latin American geography.[…]

Feminist geography?  Is that like changing the name of “Manchuria” to something like “Wo-Manchuria” in order to be more inclusive, sensitive, and granola-crunchy? 

Just to put it all in perspective, she’s enlightening these young minds in Chapel Hill at a cost to us of $88,849 per year (not counting bonus, overtime, annual leave, longevity or summer pay).

Let’s step back in time to check some student reviews of her classes circa 2010-2011:

  • Her class was really easy. She’s a really sweet person and is always willing to help anyone who needs it.   posted on December 9, 2011
  • One of the easiest classes I have taken. VERY lenient the class choose the questions for the final exam. Always smiling. Her class had nothing to do with the original description but it was interesting in the end for the most part.   posted on December 14, 2010
      She’s very nice and always smiling. She really seems to care about her students. I didn’t really learn anything of value in her class and it was hard to know what to expect on her exams.   posted on April 17, 2011
  • really sweet lady…until you start asking questions. course content is easy enough to understand; however, she does not use rubrics to grade any 1gSvIo.So.156written assignments and does not provide sufficient explanations for the grades you receive. she has ignored several of my emails concerning her incorrectly inputting my grades in blackboard and final paper grades that were never returned or posted. received a B- in her course when i earned a higher grade due to my grades being recorded incorrectly and her nonresponsiveness.  posted on May 10, 2012
  • She’s a brilliant woman, but a terrible teacher. I took her GEOG 225 course and found it a complete mess. Each class period was spent discussing current events that had a slight or not even remote connection to that day’s subject matter. She didn’t stick to the syllabus, which wasn’t that structured anyways. In short, if you want structured lectures and straightforward lessons then don’t take this class. However, if you’re sincerely interested in human geography then take it because the discussions are awesome…if you participate  posted on December 10, 2015

7 thoughts on “Leftist “hell-raiser” prof sues, can’t understand WHY UNC won’t promote her

  1. Sounds about right for a prof at UNC-Cheats. I am really surprised they do not pay her extra because she shows up at every SJW protest. That seems like deserving overtime pay in that cesspool.

  2. I’m reading One Second After, a novel about an EMP strike on the US and its effects, that shut down all of our institutions. I’m thinking there may be an upside …

  3. Howsabout a picture of this gal standing with infamous UNC Law galoot Gene Nichol holding a pitchfork… and call it “Chapel Hill Gothic”.

    Make it into a billboard at the CH city limits with this Tag line… “This is Our Town… You’ve been Warned”

  4. The GOP legislature had its chance to reform UNC and change its radical leftist culture. They refused to do so. It’s more radical and corrupt now than when the Republicans took control.

  5. Someone in the legislature needs to put in a bill to seek philosophical diversity on the UNC campuses. Diversity of thought is the most important type of diversity on a university campus, but our institutions are a long way from it. Maybe we need to use a liberal tactic to increase diversity – affirmative action. First do an analysis of all social science faculties to determine current makeup philosophically. Then set a standard that no faculty could ever be more than 2/3 liberal or 2/3 conservative or maybe the cutoff should be 60%. When vacancies occur, do the new hiring to balance the faculty.

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