More Polling: Tilli$$$ fortunes slide deeper into the toilet

Morning Consult has come out with popularity polls for all 100 US senators for the fourth quarter of 2017.  Here are the highs and lows:

  • Bernie Sanders is STILL the most popular senator with the home folks.  Hawaii’s Schatz(D) is a close second.  Wyoming’s Enzi (R) is third (and the most popular Republican in the Senate).
  • Thom Tilli$$$ has a 37% approval rating.  To put that in perspective — Nevada Republican Dean Heller has a 41% approval rating and a conservative primary challenger.  At 41%, he’s being written off as “dead meat.”
  • Who fares worse than Tillis?  Robert Menendez (D-NJ), facing all kinds of federal corruption charges is at 29 percent.  Arizona’s Jeff Flake (R), who is quitting to escape the ire of his voters, scores 32 percent.  Mitch McConnell has 32 percent approval back home.  Kansan Pat Roberts (R) — who escaped a vicious primary challenge last time around — is just under Tillis at 36 percent.
  • Only THREE sitting senators have worse favorability ratings back home than Tillis.  (One is under federal indictment.)
  • Thirty percent of poll respondents (NC voters) said they either didn’t know Tilli$$$ or had no opinion.  The man is halfway into his term.  Todd Young of Indiana (R) also has a 30 in that category.  Democrat Gary Peters (Michigan), elected the same year as Tilli$$$, has a 36.

5 thoughts on “More Polling: Tilli$$$ fortunes slide deeper into the toilet

  1. wow, thanks, …ThomT is a lot more popular than I would have ever guessed. …his buds in the general assembly are well on their way riding his coattails

  2. Tillis is Mr. Illegal Immigrant and Toll Road-WHY?? is he a Rep?? I’ll write in Ronald Reagan or someone else for Senator. I keep calling the RNC and Corey Gardner-the Chairman of the Sen. campaign re-election committee and asking WHY?? don’t they have a candidate to replace him? Dems. have an easy pick-up here

  3. You should have known. Tillis hides behind a conservative curtain. I knew this was going to happen when Karl Rino Rove endorsed him. We have two very nonconservative senators in Tillis and Bur. Just part of the RINO Swamp

  4. “Amnesty Thom” Tillis musst be feeling the heat from his far left support of amnesty for illegal aliens. I heard him the other day on the leftwing NCN News network tryiing to claim that his pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens was treating them the same as those who apply properly. Of course, the suckweasel Tillis was lying through his teeth as usual. Where Tillis’ amnesty gives those who have broken the law an advantage over those who obey the law is giving the lawbreakers an immigration slot that is not even available to those who apply properly, ;and to allow the lawbreakers to remain in the country at a juncture when those applying lawfully are not allowed in the country. Tillis’ amnesty is a racial preference for the mostly Hispanic illegal aliens over those of many races and countries who apply properly. It is unconscionable and unethical.

    Tillis is a liar and a liberal. It makes me puke when he treis to masquerade as a counterfeit conservative.

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