Thilli$$ kicks Roy Moore, calls for — get this — an ethics probe (IF HE WINS)

We’ve got three more years of this guy and his weed-eater haircut.  2020 can’t get here fast enough:

Although the Republican National Committee has resumed its support for Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, North Carolina GOP Sen. Thom Tillis said the Senate Republicans’ campaign arm will be “standing firm” against helping Moore and called for an ethics investigation into allegations of sexual assault and misconduct into their nominee if he is elected.

“I think we have to first move with an ethics investigation,” Tillis said on BuzzFeed News’ Twitter morning show AM to DM. “We need to examine the facts and let those facts lead us where they may.” […]

*Nice.* And he’s doing this on a hardcore commie-lib radio show. 

[…] Tillis had previously called on Moore to withdraw from the race, but now thinks there’s little his colleagues can do until after next week’s election.

“There’s Supreme Court precedent to say that we really don’t have the authority to deny him being seated. But we do have jurisdiction over members, and we use an ethics investigation and see what remedies come out of that,” he said.

Tillis said he believes there is legitimacy to the allegations, but he’s not going to financially support Moore’s opponent, Democrat Doug Jones, as Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake did earlier this week by writing his campaign a $100 check.

“I’m going to stay out of a race that I don’t have a vote in,” Tillis said. “And then as a member of a body that Mr. Moore might be admitted to, I’m going to try to get the facts to the point where we can take appropriate action.”

Is THIS what you call “staying out of a race” you don’t have a vote in?  Come on, Thom. Even Dallas got this one right.

If he thinks it’s a good idea to investigate sitting senators for stuff they may have done or not done prior to arriving in DC, maybe the Ethics Committee ought to examine the SPEAKER Tillis era in Raleigh.

Remember the fun with the UNC board nominations?  Tillis defended his hardcore advocacy of candidates his caucus found objectionable by saying “Hey, they gave me a lot of money.”   It was as one still-serving House member told me: “I’ve never seen someone lose a vote SIX times and STILL end up on the board of governors.”

Remember how Tillis stayed on as House speaker while he campaigned for Senate?  He would make speeches praising a certain issue position, or allow legislation related to that issue move on the floor, and contributions from people with interests in that issue magically appeared in his Senate campaign account.

Selling your office to the highest bidder is generally frowned upon, and is quite often illegal.  If we’re really worried about the honor of the Senate and the, um, integrity of those serving in it, perhaps we should make room on the witch hunt docket for my friend and yours, ol’ Thom.