Thilli$$ kicks Roy Moore, calls for — get this — an ethics probe (IF HE WINS)

We’ve got three more years of this guy and his weed-eater haircut.  2020 can’t get here fast enough:

Although the Republican National Committee has resumed its support for Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, North Carolina GOP Sen. Thom Tillis said the Senate Republicans’ campaign arm will be “standing firm” against helping Moore and called for an ethics investigation into allegations of sexual assault and misconduct into their nominee if he is elected.

“I think we have to first move with an ethics investigation,” Tillis said on BuzzFeed News’ Twitter morning show AM to DM. “We need to examine the facts and let those facts lead us where they may.” […]

*Nice.* And he’s doing this on a hardcore commie-lib radio show. 

[…] Tillis had previously called on Moore to withdraw from the race, but now thinks there’s little his colleagues can do until after next week’s election.

“There’s Supreme Court precedent to say that we really don’t have the authority to deny him being seated. But we do have jurisdiction over members, and we use an ethics investigation and see what remedies come out of that,” he said.

Tillis said he believes there is legitimacy to the allegations, but he’s not going to financially support Moore’s opponent, Democrat Doug Jones, as Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake did earlier this week by writing his campaign a $100 check.

“I’m going to stay out of a race that I don’t have a vote in,” Tillis said. “And then as a member of a body that Mr. Moore might be admitted to, I’m going to try to get the facts to the point where we can take appropriate action.”

Is THIS what you call “staying out of a race” you don’t have a vote in?  Come on, Thom. Even Dallas got this one right.

If he thinks it’s a good idea to investigate sitting senators for stuff they may have done or not done prior to arriving in DC, maybe the Ethics Committee ought to examine the SPEAKER Tillis era in Raleigh.

Remember the fun with the UNC board nominations?  Tillis defended his hardcore advocacy of candidates his caucus found objectionable by saying “Hey, they gave me a lot of money.”   It was as one still-serving House member told me: “I’ve never seen someone lose a vote SIX times and STILL end up on the board of governors.”

Remember how Tillis stayed on as House speaker while he campaigned for Senate?  He would make speeches praising a certain issue position, or allow legislation related to that issue move on the floor, and contributions from people with interests in that issue magically appeared in his Senate campaign account.

Selling your office to the highest bidder is generally frowned upon, and is quite often illegal.  If we’re really worried about the honor of the Senate and the, um, integrity of those serving in it, perhaps we should make room on the witch hunt docket for my friend and yours, ol’ Thom.

10 thoughts on “Thilli$$ kicks Roy Moore, calls for — get this — an ethics probe (IF HE WINS)

  1. President Trump is actively supporting Roy Moore, as is the Republican National Committee, the Alabama Republican Party, and Alabama’s Republican governor.

    Thom Tillis, on the other hand, is giving aid and comfort to the enemy. He is as much of a traitor as Benedict Arnold was, and he needs to be brought up on party disloyalty charges for his despicable actions in the critical Alabama Senate race.

    Republican activists are getting fed up with Tillis on his miserable record on issues, too, as was shown in the recent unanimous resolution by the 3rd Congressional District Republican Executive Committee opposing Tillis’ amnesty for illegal aliens bill:

  2. NCFIRE calls for an immediate ethics probe of Thom Tillis and his (illegal) aiding and abetting of DACA eligible illegal aliens. These actions are PROVABLE by his introduction of the Succeed Act- UNLIKE Roy Moore’s accusers and their 40 year old UNPROVABLE accusations

    1. Surely there is someone in N.C. with the means to investigate Tillis and Burr. Both are abject failures as far as representing their constituents. Burr had a few decent years, but Tillis has been a failure since day one. I doubt that many of our elected Senators could withstand the scrutiny that Judgr Moore has endured. His election is opposed because he is a true conservative and will stand up for the constitution. Were I a resident of Alabama, I would stand proudly with Judge Moore. Thank you, NCFIRE for suggesting a probe into Tillis.

      1. Tillis and Moore are very different breeds of cat, which is the underlying reason Tillis is so ballistic against Moore. Tillis is a Special Interest Republican, always kowtowing to the big money and the special interests. Moore is a grassroots Republican who represents the positions of the GOP base.

        Now ‘President Trump has doubled down on his support of Moore, and in response Tilli$ has doubled down on his opposition to Moore. I say it is high time we haul Tilli$ in front of the NCGOP excom for party disloyalty. Tillis needs a good ass kicking over this.

        We need more Grassroots Republicans in public office and a lot fewer Special Interest Republicans.

  3. Tillis needs to realize that many of us who either ignored him or held our nose for him in the past will work actively against him in any future aspirations to North Carolina elected offices. Tillis should find some other profession where professional liars are needed.

  4. There are multiple credible allegations against Roy Moore for sexually harassing young women and underage girls as young as 14.

    Arch-conservative Alabama Senator Richard Shelby says he will write in a name other than Roy Moore when he votes next week.

    Not a single sitting Republican Senator endorses Roy Moore as of this week.

    OF COURSE we need an ethics investigation into Roy Moore if he wins. Folks on this site apparently will back any candidate — as long as he sings from the Bannon playbook — no matter what he is credibly accused of.

    It is amazing that folks on this site cannot see the damage that a deeply flawed candidate like Moore is doing to your cause. It begs the question, what would a Roy Moore have to do to lose your support?

    Or is there no level too low for you to accept?

    What a disastrous miscalculation you guys are making here…..

    1. Allegations are one thing and evidence is another thing. The credibility comes from the evidence. Things get dangerous when we deviate from that standard.

      For me the Alabama Senate race is up to Alabama.

    2. Credible?

      Like the one produced by dishonest far left shyster Gloria Allred? The one who has now admitted she forged her yearbook “evidence”? The one who claimed to have been driven by Moore behind a diner, when the Alabama media has revealed there was never an area behind the diner where someone could have been driven?

      Or the one whose brother was prosecuted by Moore for a drug felony? Kinda gives her an incentive to lie to get even, doesn’t it?

      Or maybe the one whose story was that Moore called her on her bedroom phone, and her own mother has said she did not have a bedroom phone?

      Or the one whose sister has said she has a long history of lying to get attention?

      The most important aspect of who the Senator form Alabama will be is how they will vote on things like repealing Obamacare and amnesty for illegal aliens. One will vote conservative and the other is a flaming ultra-liberal. The choice on who to vote for is not even close.

  5. If Sen. Tillis is so eager to investigate alleged abuses, then reveal to the American Taxpayers just where our $17 million hard-earned tax dollars went to pay off those allegedly harassed by our esteemed Congressional delegation. Additional Questions: Who authorized the payouts? Name the Senators and Representatives.

    And Sen. Tillis, I hope the Clinton Foundation will be a cautionary tale for the Tillis Foundation.

  6. The establishment has been after Roy Moore from the beginning. Mitch McConnell spent $30 million trashing Moore in the primary hoping to put his RINO puppet in that seat.

    Now, it has come out that the person that planted that hit piece in the Washington Post making the unproven claims about young girls was none other than a former staffer for the defeated Jeb Bush for President campaign, Tim Miller, who has also been a leader of the establishment SuperPAC America Rising. Further, there are some significant connections between Karl Rove and Alabama Democrat US Senate candidate Doug Jones.

    This reeks of GOP establishment dirty tricks, working with the liberal media.

    Oh, and remember the name of the Karl Rove front group that Dallas Woodhouse worked for – Carolina Rising? One wonders about its connection to America Rising.

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