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RINO, deny thyself.

      It’s been a while since we’ve been able to invoke the holy sacred name of  Charles Jeter.  If you recall, he’s a Thom Tillis acolyte who held down a NC House seat in Mecklenburg County for two terms.  During those two terms,…

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From Russia — um, RICHARD, with Love

    No, it’s not the title of Daniel Craig’s swan song as the fabled agent 007.   We’re talking about the latest buffoonery from our special-needs senior US senator who has allowed Democrats to hijack the committee he chairs:   In a bipartisan report,…

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From the US House to The White House

    The worst kept secret in Washington got let out of the bag today.  North Carolina’s Mark Meadows resigned from the US House to take on the position of chief of staff in the Trump White House.   The big question that we’re left…

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The Tillis fraud

    US Senator Thom Tillis is once again headed into battle with campaign consultant Paul Shumaker.   Shumaker is a notorious RINO who has worked closely with party leaders to stamp out grassroots conservative types.  His modus operandi lately has been to paint his…

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Dan The Man.

  Bishop, that is. One of our two newest Members of Congress is demonstrating he won’t be shy about coming out swinging:   While  Richard Burr snivels and cowers and lets Mark Warner (D-VA) run his committee,  congressman Dan Bishop is taking Adam Schiff’s impeachment…

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(*SIGH*) Once again, Richard Burr aids Left’s anti-Trump efforts

  It looks like our senior US senator is once again giving cover to Democrat shenanigans in DC:   Senate Intelligence Committee ChairmanRichard Burr (R-N.C.) said on Thursday that he does not think the identity of the whistleblower at the center of the House impeachment…

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An “impeachment” primer

      Saying you’re pursuing impeachment doesn’t mean it’s actually happening.  There’s a full-blown procedure laid out in law that the Democrats and NeverTrumpers have yet to touch. Peter Schweizer published a great book last year detailing how all kinds of Washington Insiders —…

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N&O Punk: Trump fans JUST LIKE The Klan

  And you wonder why their reporters are all over social media pitching 99 cents unlimited digital access “deals” for subscribing to their rag.  It’s hard to find another business that has such a lack of respect for the general public — its pool of…

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The BIG stupid smear

This is what got it all started:   You’ll  notice in the second tweet,  the media and the Democrats took “the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came” and twisted it into “go back to your places of origin”.    (Actually, many…

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Hey, Greenville. You’ve got company coming.

  The GOP runoff primary election for the Third Congressional District will be complete on July 9.