Well, they did it.

The mob finally got their man today at that courthouse in Manhattan.  There’s plenty of credible evidence out there of Bill & Hillary Clinton and Joe & Hunter Biden putting US national security at risk to fatten their bank accounts.  Yet, the government is focused like a laser beam on whether Donald Trump properly recorded a lawsuit settlement payment in his business records.

Of course, Trump is the only one who is indicted.  

Prosecutor Alvin Bragg won his last election promising to “Get” Trump.  In hardcore communist Manhattan, that was akin to throwing red meat to the whole pack. Bragg’s office regularly downgrades murder and assault charges while outright dismissing drug charges.  Criminals are loving life in NYC, and they are showing their appreciation with a record boost in the crime rate.  Instead of working to repair the quality of life in his jurisdiction — like most DAs do — Bragg sets aside a lot more important stuff to “Get” Trump.

Let’s say everything Bragg alleges against Donald Trump is true.  Who did it hurt?  How did it hurt the country?

The grand jury and the likely trial jury come from a jurisdiction where pooping on the sidewalk is apparently an accepted part of daily life. Can Trump get a fair trial?

This indictment and arrest will go down as a benchmark in history akin to John Brown’s coup at Harper’s Ferry, the firing on Fort Sumter, and the Boston Massacre. All were sparks that seriously risked burning down the whole thing.

We’ve got people in solitary confinement for accepting police officers’ offers to enter the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. We’ve got a guy going to federal prison for posting an unflattering photo of Hillary Clinton on the Internet.  The Twitter Files demonstrated that federal law enforcement was actively working with social media companies to censor political discussion.  (It’s apparently still happening at Twitter.)

We’ve reached a point where political disagreements can mean criminal charges, jail time, financial ruin, and / or loss of employment. That’s the kind of thing you hear about in Third World banana republic dictators, NOT in the world’s oasis of hope and freedom and opportunity.

Lefties are hoping and praying (to whatever the hell they worship) that we give them even more video like that shot on January 6. It’s not time to Storm the Bastille. And it’s certainly not time to hang our heads and surrender.

Do we fight fire with fire?  Do we get prosecutors in conservative areas to start dragging Bidens and Clintons and Obamas and Coopers and Easleys and Steins in front of grand juries?  Or does that simply increase the risk of burning it all down?

Where is the leader — where are the leaders — who keeps it all from going up in flames?  Who holds the country together?

Do we go ahead with the national divorce idea?  Give the east coast, from Virginia’s northern border to the Canadian border, to Canada?  Give Oregon, Washington, and the northern half of California to Canada? Southern California goes to Mexico?  (It’s practically Mexico already.)

Those areas have more in common with those two foreign countries than they do with the rest of our great nation. My most recent visits to New York and California have honestly felt like foreign excursions. 

We’ve done a poor job of picking leaders.  Most of our “representatives” have gladly sold us and the country down the river to bankruptcy and ruin while enriching themselves at the public trough.

It’s time to get informed and stay informed.  There’s a big Internet out there. Pass the truth around to like-minded folks.  Stay in communication with each other.

It’s likely going to get worse before it gets better.  Stay strong.  Look out for each other and your loved ones.  Do your best to stay in the way of, and be an inconvenience to, the authoritarians. 

It’s time to hold these scoundrels accountable for what they have done and are doing to our country.  Leaders are meant to be changed like air filters, light bulbs and underwear. 

So, get to it.