Mashburn STILL seeking answers on DEI in the state’s 4-H program

Allen Mashburn, candidate for lieutenant governor, does not appear to be easing off the gas as he pursues answers on DEI’s intrusion into one of the state’s most cherished, respected youth programs:

[…] Representatives Moss and Jackson,
Thank you for your support in the matter of the 4H being hijacked by DEI ideology—putting our children at risk.  I want to give you an update from my end— that many have been working in the background to reverse this issue.  


Because they desired no attribution for their work (primarily because NOTHING has yet to be accomplished), I can only say that a member of the State Board of Education has come to our aid and is working in places that I cannot.  To that extent, the Chancellor of North Carolina State University said in a verbal conversation that “he would take care of it [DEI in 4H].”


However, when pressed more than once to put this is writing, no response at all was given and no email has been received putting this in print, that “it would be taken care of.”  


Further, state Director Yoder of the 4H Youth Development Program here in NC has not answered my email dated March 20.  Sadly, I do not expect a reply.  Many today feel they aren’t accountable to anyone for their actions. The current Administration in DC and Raleigh have only enabled and empowered them.
We now know that this was only lip service and that the 4H clubs cannot be removed from the Extension Service of NCSU by the North Carolina General Assembly.  
Per our findings, The State would likely not be able to move the 4-H Program to the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (DACS) because it would be preempted by federal law as a federally-assigned duty of land-grant universities. 4-H is the youth development program of the National Cooperative Extension System and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).
I underscored youth development program because this is exactly what the federal government is using it forthe development of transgender dysphoria.  
WE ARE NOT DONE HERE!  Weve discovered that Congress has assigned management of the national program to the Cooperative Extension Systemwhich is under the University of North Carolina system.  With that being said, we may have some leverage in the management of the program.  […]