What’s The Rush?

George Little, Larry Caddell and their gang of rubber-stamps on the Sandhills Community College Board of Trustees are in a race against the clock to get a new college president hired and in place by May 1.   

From what I understand, at least TWO current rubber-stamps on the Board of Trustees will be replaced and their replacements  are to be seated by June 1.  That means a vote on a president on or after June 1 will not be as GUARANTEED A RESULT as George and Larry could provide BEFORE JUNE 1.

George earned himself a little extra time on Airport Road by going late last year before the out-going leftist school board and getting reappointed for a new four year term.  So, he’s safe at SCC for about three, three-and-a-half more years.

George and Larry sat quietly by while former president John Dempsey infested every nook and cranny on the Airport Road campus with DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion).  Despite its innocent-sounding name, DEI is pretty much Marxism with a whole lot of race-baiting and GAY STUFF™  mixed in. 

The DEI page on the college’s web site boasts about how DEI is being inserted into every facet of the school’s operations.  White, heterosexual, church-going MEN are THE ENEMY under DEI.  If those three categories fit you, DEI labels you an “oppressor” and strongly “advises” you to repent for your, um, “sins.”

You can read the five-part series we did on DEI at Sandhills HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Here’s another good video series on the Marxist roots of DEI. 

This garbage was installed, and has grown, during the reign of George, Larry, and Dempsey.  Either they’ve been oblivious, or they’re all-in for this garbage. 

DEI subordinates the teaching of important job and life skills and replaces them with far-left political indoctrination and race-baiting.

This crap is not supported by anywhere near a majority of Moore Countians.  I bet not many of the deep-pocketed donors to the college know about this.

The right thing to do is for George, Larry and their board to fumigate the school of the DEI disease.  They also need to hire a president who will work with them to provide a quality education to Sandhills students free of this Marxist political crap.