#ncga: We’re getting a liberal dingbat! (Um, Yay?)

State Rep. Tricia Cotham’s reported party switch will go down in history with that of former Rep. Paul Tine.  Tine went UNA, instead of REP.  He kept his liberal voting record, but got all the rights and privileges of a GOP Caucus member.

Cotham is on her second tour in the House.  During her first go-around, she inexplicably held down a full-time job with Char-Meck Public Schools WHILE serving in the House.  (It helps to have a powerful county commissioner as your mama, sometimes.)

Let’s start with Civitas’  freedom rankings.  From 2011-2016, Cotham earned straights Fs.  (A good, proper conservative gets As.) For 2023, she’s rocking a BIG FAT ZERO.

We’ve got some history with lil’ Tricia.  Here, we tried hard to educate her and fellow dingbat Rep. Susi Hamilton on economics.   (I think Susi got appointed to something by ol’ Roy not long after this.)

Then, we put together quite a doctoral thesis on the Twitter-based wit and wisdom of Ms. Cotham.  What did we learn?  (Besides the fact she spent a hell of a lot of time on Twitter during House sessions?)  

Among other things — Christmas is IN November, waiting on a rainbow is important legislative work,  Shrek is THE BEST, she can self-diagnose her own food poisoning, and then-Rep. David Lewis needed much more regal attire for House sessions.

Her constituents had to be so proud. 

On one hand, you can cheer the fact that she gives you your veto-proof majority.  The problem?  Her record indicates she’s not likely to vote for conservative stuff.  So, that makes the veto-proof majority thing kind of a moot point, huh?