Remember all that “nonexistent” kiddie sex change stuff? Well, now there’s a BILL.

Information about the aggressive marketing of sex change procedures to kids has been swirling around the state for months on end.  ECU and UNC were reportedly marketing this stuff to kids as young as FOUR.

Education First Alliance got onto this first.  Initially, Raleigh politicians and folks at UNC and ECU were in full denial mode.  NONE of the drive-by media — neither print nor TV — would touch the story with a ten-foot pole.  

Political pressure?  Political sympathies?  Advertising department pressure?  Who knows.

Then along comes Senate Bill 560, sponsored by Senators Krawiec, Burgin and Corbin.  EdFirstNC has the scoop:


  • The legislation, Medical Treatment for Minors Act, would cut off state and local funding to institutions that provide hormone therapy and psychiatric services aimed at “transitioning” children. 

  • Senate bill 560 is a direct response to Education First Alliance’s exposés on ECU’s classroom-to-operating room pipeline prioritizing transitioning children over improving health for all patients.

ECU recently received $215M to expand its medical school. Shortly after receiving the money, ECU Health opened a sex-change clinic for children 4 and up. 

Senate bill 560 introduced by the chairs of the Senate Health Committee will cut off state and local funding to institutions providing child sterilization and mutilation services:

ECU has established a profit system that relies on teachers and telemedicine counselors to refer children to its pediatricians and family doctors who then may treat the tots with powerful drugs.

The Medical Treatment for Minors Act will require children to be evaluated by licensed child psychiatrists and refer to independent physicians outside their networks.

This clause will provide needed checks and balances before allowing healthcare systems to provide the dangerous services for profit.

The law will allow child sex changes for minors at privately-funded intuitions, but with enhanced protections.

If passed, children and parents would be required to sign strongly worded disclaimers that point out the document the dangers of child sex change procedures:

“The use of cross-sex hormones in males is associated with numerous health risks, such as thromboembolic disease, including, without limitation, blood clots; cholelithiasis, including gallstones; coronary artery disease, including, without limitation, heart attacks; macroprolactinoma, which is a tumor of the pituitary gland; cerebrovascular disease, including, without limitation, strokes; hypertriglyceridemia, which is an elevated level of triglycerides in the blood; breast cancer; and irreversible infertility.

The use of cross-sex parts. Sweden, Finland, and the United Kingdom have conducted systematic reviews of evidence and conclude that there is no evidence that the potential benefits of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for this purpose outweigh the known or assumed risks.

Medical authorities in Sweden, Finland, Norway, and the United Kingdom have since recommended psychotherapy as the first line of treatment for youth gender dysphoria with drugs and surgeries reserved as a measure of last resort. Medical authorities in France have advised great caution when prescribing hormones for gender dysphoria.”

Another bill requirement: a licensed child psychiatrist and an independent physician would be required to give intensive treatment on at least some monthly basis for six months leading up to medical interventions. The healthcare providers would each be required to file independent, monthly report stating the need for ongoing sex-change treatment.[…]

Who knows what will happen next.  Remember the Parents’ Bill of Rights? It passed the Senate but is caught up in limbo somewhere in the Legislative Building.

For opponents of gender-affirming and grooming of kids, this is an important milestone.  But there is still a long way to go.   It still needs to be formally approved by the House AND the Senate and make it past Roy Cooper before this all becomes law.

Stay on your legislators about this.  Don’t let them “disappear” it down the rabbit hole like the Parents’ Bill of Rights and other “inconvenient” proposed legislation.