So, DJT thinks MKR >= MLK? (Seriously?)

Mark Robinson and Yolanda Hill have racked up three bankruptcies, an eviction, a business failure, and multiple bad check charges.  Even though they now make a combined $350,000 per year, they’re still stiffing a former landlord on a $2,000 debt.  They’ve applied for and accepted federal paycheck protection grants they really didn’t qualify for. They’ve misrepresented family members on paperwork submitted by their family business to the Internal Revenue Service. Their family business, totally funded by the taxpayers, has such poor records you can’t tell where the money went or who got paid.  Mark Robinson has even professed that anyone who wants him to handle money matters is going to end up in jail.  Yet, Donald J. Trump says Mark Robinson is the second coming of Martin Luther King, Jr. and needs to be the next governor of North Carolina:

Former President Donald Trump held a fundraiser Tuesday night for North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson’s campaign for governor.

The event was held at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida with tickets that started at $1,000. A handful of GOP congressional and statewide candidates were in attendance, including 6th District candidate Bo Hines (who Trump had endorsed in 2022), labor commissioner candidate Luke Farley and lieutenant governor candidates Hal Weatherman and Seth Woodall.

In a speech praising Robinson, Trump referred to him as North Carolina’s next governor and compared his speaking style to the late civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

“First it was the voice — I said, ‘that voice is good,'” Trump said Tuesday, according to video of the event posted to Facebook. “And then I said, ‘you know what, I swear, I think you’re better than Dr. Martin Luther King.’ And I wasn’t sure if he was happy about that, because Dr. Martin Luther King was great. And I think he didn’t like that comparison, but he accepted it.”[…]

So, the voice and the speaking style did it for ol’ DJT?  Never mind that two much more accomplished men — Dale Folwell and Bill Graham — are also in the GOP primary field for North Carolina governor.

The Robinson endorsement was not the only recent North Carolina-connected move for the former president.  Trump is also wading into the GOP primary for the 6th congressional district:

Former President Donald Trump endorsed lobbyist Addison McDowell Wednesday in McDowell’s campaign for a Greensboro-area congressional seat — a blow to candidate Bo Hines, who was endorsed by Trump in 2022, and former U.S. Rep. Mark Walker, who is seeking a return to Congress.

McDowell has worked in North Carolina Republican politics for years and lobbies for Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, and he’s making his first run for elected office. He and his brother, fellow lobbyist Ches McDowell, were at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida, on Tuesday to meet with the former president and his team. […]

Okay.  So, the guy who pledged to ‘clean up the swamp’ is betting it all on A LOBBYIST in a race for AN OPEN congressional seat in North Carolina?

Don’t forget Trump stepping in at the last minute over the summer to cut the legs out from under a conservative challenge to NCGOP chairman Michael Whatley. 

Don’t forget that Trump endorsed Thom Tillis in 2020 — chasing away a solid potential conservative primary challenger. 

Trump elevated Nikki Haley to UN ambassador, which allowed her to credibly become the top establishment opponent to Trump in 2024.  Trump also gave us the horrible Ronna Romney over at the RNC.

The record is clear.  Trump’s record on personnel decisions is a bit shaky.  He’s gotten quite a bit of bad advice.

So, what is the value of a Trump endorsement?  It wasn’t much for the GOP nominee for governor of Kentucky last month.  The website ballotpedia put together an interesting analysis of Trump’s endorsements during his presidency and after.


According to the media, we are one of those so-called “battleground states”.  In 2022, Trump had an overall success rate of 48 percent with his gubernatorial endorsees.  If you narrow the field to just endorsees from so-called battleground states, his success rate drops to 30 percent. 

All this begs the question:  WHY get involved in internal party elections?  Trump is going to need support from Robinson, Folwell, and Graham supporters down the road.  Why rock the boat at this point? Why risk turning off voters you HAD in-pocket?

There used to be an old saw in politics about staying out of primaries – out of other people’s races.  You’re pretty much inviting people to jump in and work against you when your time to face the voters comes up.