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Renee Ellmers: Reina de Amnistía

I’ve been hearing some rather disconcerting stuff being whispered about plans for our congressional representative from the Second District.  DC sources tell me plans are in place for Renee Ellmers to be a point-person for the House leadership on immigration reform.  A few weeks back,…

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Raleigh radio’s Roche setting his sights on Renee Ellmers?

      It appears that Raleigh-based radio talk show host Frank Roche will be jumping into the 2014 Second Congressional District GOP primary. The district is currently represented by Republican Renee Ellmers of Dunn. Roche unsuccessfully sought the Fourth District GOP nomination in 2010…

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Renee Ellmers on joining ObamaCare defund fight: “Absolutely Not!”

      Regular readers of this site know we tend to be highly critical of congresswoman Renee Ellmers (R-NC-2).  Miss Renee tends to give us plenty of ammo every time she gets in front of a representative of the mainstream media — like HERE….

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Renee Ellmers: hugging up tighter to the GOP’s left wing

She slipped into office in 2010 with enthusiastic Tea Party support — vanquishing Bob ” The Sidewalk Assassin” Etheridge.  Lefties beat her up as a stalking horse for “tea-baggers.”  But not long after being sworn in, Renee Ellmers made a beeline for John Boehner and…

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MSNBC host to Renee Ellmers: “You and I are absolutely on the same page here.”

  Wow.  That’s something you really don’t want to hear in reference to your REPUBLICAN Member of the US House.  The representative for North Carolina’s 2nd  U.S. House district was paid that “compliment” during her recent appearance on “All In with Chris Hayes” on MSNBC….

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Renee Ellmers for, um ….. SENATE ??????

      As one of the lucky souls blessed to be “represented” by Miss Harnett County, I’ve had a feeling she’s developed some political ambitions.  It’s been pretty clear that SOMETHING is up. Since Christmas, we’ve been getting a lot of scripture and God-talk…

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Renee Ellmers & Richard Burr think government needs MORE of your money

    We’re in the middle of a godawful economic quagmire.  Record unemployment.  Increased regulation.  Anemic economic growth.  An impending economic disaster called ObamaCare.  The expiration of lower federal income tax rates.  An increase in the state’s unemployment withholding rate.   Now, some members of…

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Renee Ellmers annoyed by “outside conservative groups”

  I see that Miss Harnett County has horned her way in as a speaker at Civitas’s Conservative Leadership Conference.  There’s also a lot of talk — likely started by her and her friends — that she will be joining Thom Tillis and Phil Berger…

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Renee Ellmers, telemarketer

    We all hate those annoying calls that interrupt our dinner from folks we don’t know trying to sell us everything from vinyl siding to magazine subscriptions to life insurance. It makes it doubly infuriating when the person on the phone interrupting your dinner…

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Renee Ellmers and John Boehner’s ‘conservative purge’ on Capitol Hill

  Congresswoman Renee Ellmers has been proudly shouting to the heavens — and to  anyone who will listen –  about her great new appointments to The House Energy & Commerce committee and three of its subc0mmittees.   Meanwhile, we have learned that John Boehner, Eric…