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Fun with The Internet

  Former state Rep. Richard Morgan’s long-time web site address ( now redirects to a site filled with anti-Morgan information and propaganda. Even curioser — if you type in or you get re-directed to BarryO’s reelection campaign web site.

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Tea Party displeasure with SC’s Haley an omen for NC voters considering McCrory?

      Tea Party activists in South Carolina had such high hopes for state legislator Nikki Haley while she was running for governor of The Palmetto State. She had a strong conservative record in the legislature, and talked a good game on the campaign…

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Where will Pat McCrory draw a line in the sand, stand his ground, and FIGHT?

  Former Charlotte mayor Pat McCrory TALKS a good game on the need to cut taxes and government. But during most of his reign in Charlotte, The Queen City was the highest taxed locale in The Tar Heel State.  Charlotte attorney Tom Ashcraft fired off…

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More proof the politicians are GOUGING us at the gas pump

  The American Petroleum Institute has prepared an eye-opening briefing on the total tax burden — by state — drivers are dealing with at the gas pumps.  According to API, North Carolina is ONE of SEVENTEEN U.S. states with a combined local, state, and federal…

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One out of every FIVE NC drivers has No license ???

            Yep.  That’s what AAA says: UNC Charlotte student Lauren Brown says driving without a license is no good, “It’s scary though, if anything.” The 19 year old just bought her car and says if someone with no license and…

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Club for Growth likes Keadle for NC-08 GOP congressional primary

The  Club For Growth, a national political action committee that champions the free market and economic liberty, is formally wading into North Carolina’s Eighth Congressional District GOP primary and endorsing candidate Scott Keadle of Iredell County.  (The Eighth District has been represented for the last…

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An option for NC conservatives with heartburn over the race for governor

  A lot of my fellow conservatives are grumbling about being force-fed a healthy dose of Pat McCrory by the “wise men” in Raleigh.  Those folks DO have at least ONE viable option in the May primary:  retired Superior Court Judge Paul Wright of Mount…

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Charlotte conservatives quiz, consider Pat McCrory

      Charlotte attorney Tom Ashcraft — a former US attorney and aide to Senator Jesse Helms — is a conservative leader in the Charlotte area who has been known to criticize that city’s former mayor (who just happens to be seeking a promotion…

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One of the really big lies on oil production

“We use 20 percent of the world’s oil while producing only two percent.”       That line has been repeated ad nauseum by BarryO, his minions, and their comrades in the news media. How true is that  statement? Energy expert Steve Maley opines on…

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Something for the environmentalists to chew on

  Data just released from the State of North Dakota shows that unemployment in the region of that state where the fracking is occurring has fallen to 0.8 percent.  By contrast, North Carolina is sitting at TEN PERCENT. My cousin and some friends of his…