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Have you seen THIS man?

          THIS is our lieutenant governor — Walter Dalton.  He wants to replace Bev in that big beautiful house on Blount Street.  Dalton HAS been one of the most low-key top dogs in Raleigh in decades.   A Democrat friend of…

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NCGOP campaign operatives bring back memories of 2008 GOP disasters

          We’ve got a historic chance to retake the governor’s office in 2012.  The NCGOP is staffing its command center with folks tied to some forgettable campaigns.  Take Pat McCrory’s gubernatorial campaign, for instance: The former executive director of the N.C….

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A lesson from Hoke County’s NUGGET-gate ?

Outrage and disbelief erupted nationally last week over reports that government inspectors have been inspecting pre-schooler lunches.  West Hoke Elementary School –with such poor academic performance that teachers are being bussed in for special after-school tutoring sessions — made national news when it was revealed…

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Pat must apologize, but Barry does not

          The N&O and its fellow MSM goons are beating GOP gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory over the head for comments made by a prominent GOP official: The leader of the Republican Party in North Carolina’s second largest county on Friday stood…

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Memo to McCrory: ‘ I ain’t Bev’ will NO LONGER CUT IT

            Former Charlotte mayor Pat McCrory, the NCGOP’s messiah, is not exactly inflaming conservative passions: Former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory filed for governor Wednesday, promising to “fix this broken government and this broken economy.” He also began to put some…

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Democrats: Screw the economy! Let’s talk about RUBBERS

    We’ve got record unemployment.  The housing market is still in the tank.  Our national debt is at an all-time high.  Gas prices skyrocketing to $4 and $5 per gallon.  Violence erupting in the Middle East and Latin America.  Major economic meltdowns in Europe….

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Hoke County Schools & Bev’s More At Four: A National Laughing-Stock

          Rush Limbaugh, Stephen Colbert,  and the network news programs have all had a field day with Carolina Journal’s Nugget-gate exposé at West Hoke Elementary School:  A preschooler at West Hoke Elementary School ate three chicken nuggets for lunch Jan. 30…

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Bring back Blue Laws? No, thanks.

    I had to pinch myself — to make sure I was not dreaming — when I read a column in our local paper, by Moore County GOP chairman Bob Levy, calling for the restoration of Sunday Blue Laws.  Bob is a good guy,…

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One more piece of evidence proving that Congress CANNOT police itself

The Washington Post — surprisingly — has put together  a great investigative piece on yet another piece of congressional monkey business. They’ve found 33 Members of Congress who pushed through budget earmarks for projects adjacent to property owned by said Members.  Earmarks are funds for…

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McIntyre to stick with re-election campaign to Congress

        Congressman Mike McIntyre (D), an 8th Congressional District resident, will be on the ballot for  the 7th Congressional District race in May and November.  (YAWN.)  He issued the following statement to clarify his decision to forego a bid for governor and…