#NCSEN: Write-in Updates

noneFor those who want a choice in November’s US Senate race beyond Republican Thom Tillis, Democrat Kay Hagan, and Libertarian Sean Haugh, time is running short.  Anyone who wants to be written in — and have their votes tabulated officially under their name in November’s final results — needs to have 500 signatures submitted and approved by this coming Tuesday.

It looks like there are three people seriously pursuing official write-in status.  Former legislator John Rhodes has submitted 267 signatures, with only 195 approved. Former Indian Trail town councilman David Waddell has submitted 346 signatures, with only 308 approved.   Barry Gurney has submitted 515 signatures, with only 435 that have been formally approved.

Signatures can be collected and submitted to ANY county board of elections office through Tuesday.

4 thoughts on “#NCSEN: Write-in Updates

  1. The best way to show the Republican establishment is to vote for anyone but the Republican or either just sit the election out. I have sent money to both Hagan and Aiken. Sure I disagree with Hagan and Aiken on just about everything but the GOP is just a bunch of Rinos. Once we think out the number of Republicans in Congress maybe the Republican establishment will get the message.

  2. Senator Schumer has an editorial in the NY Times today calling for non-partisan primaries where the top two voter getters in the primary face off in November, even if the top two voter getters are from the same party.

    Now wouldn’t that be something?

    1. Yes, it was the partisan Democrat scheme in California and in Louisiana. No wonder that socialist mafioso Schumer suggests it.

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