NC-02: OMG. When WILL this woman shut up?

renee_ellmers_APRenee Ellmers.  “OUR” girl.  She publicly pops off at the mouth.  Gets called out for saying something really stupid. Then turns around and personally attacks whoever pointed out her prior stupid statements.  We’ve seen this before with her feud with radio broadcaster Laura Ingraham.  Now, Ellmers is verbally carpet-bombing the young female reporter for the conservative Washington Examiner who first reported the incident causing the congresswoman’s current PR problems.     But the young journalist is not sitting back and just taking it.

Ms. Schow — attacked as a “liberal reporter” who “took” Ellmers “out of context” — backed up her original reporting by posting a transcript and audio recording of Ellmers’ remarks on her paper’s web site.  In response, Ellmers took to twitter:



The real story?  The link on her tweet IS the transcript and audio posted on the Examiner’s web site by Schow.  Defending yourself as allegedly misquoted by using a transcript and recording that confirms you were accurately quoted? Mensa, get this woman a membership application tout de suite!