NC-02: OMG. When WILL this woman shut up?

renee_ellmers_APRenee Ellmers.  “OUR” girl.  She publicly pops off at the mouth.  Gets called out for saying something really stupid. Then turns around and personally attacks whoever pointed out her prior stupid statements.  We’ve seen this before with her feud with radio broadcaster Laura Ingraham.  Now, Ellmers is verbally carpet-bombing the young female reporter for the conservative Washington Examiner who first reported the incident causing the congresswoman’s current PR problems.     But the young journalist is not sitting back and just taking it.

Ms. Schow — attacked as a “liberal reporter” who “took” Ellmers “out of context” — backed up her original reporting by posting a transcript and audio recording of Ellmers’ remarks on her paper’s web site.  In response, Ellmers took to twitter:



The real story?  The link on her tweet IS the transcript and audio posted on the Examiner’s web site by Schow.  Defending yourself as allegedly misquoted by using a transcript and recording that confirms you were accurately quoted? Mensa, get this woman a membership application tout de suite!

16 thoughts on “NC-02: OMG. When WILL this woman shut up?

  1. I have followed Renee’s gaffes since getting elected in 2010. Wake up District 2, you will be better served by voting for Clay Aiken. I am a true conservative and feel as though we need to replace this embarrassing figure in D.C.

  2. 75% of the Republicans I talk to in Harnett County are voting for Aiken just to get rid of Elmers. I have never before seen a GOP official so hated by her own party. It is truly amazing.

  3. Just don’t understand how Ellmers so handily beat Roche in the primary. Is anyone paying attention out there? This woman is an embarrassment but she will get all the ad money she needs from her cronies ala Zuckerberg and will continue to treat her constituents with disdain, after all, she is so much smarter than us! Get rid of her in November!

  4. Sending Clay Aiken to Congress to represent a part of North Carolina would really send a signal! He would quickly become the darling of the left and bring much publicity to the state.

    And then maybe: President Clay Aiken.

  5. OH great. The Claymates have arrived. Word is most of Clay Aiken’s campaign donations are made by his fans all across the USA. If you really want to know who Clay Aiken is you’ll have to read the boat load of tweets he deleted. He’s not right.

    1. Oh, great the Clay haters have arrived. “Word is…” Where, in the Swamp? As a matter of fact, most of Ellmers money comes from out of state PACS & hardly any at all from locals. What’s the difference? At least Aiken has people who’ve known him for years & believe in him. Ellmers has who…. Boehner?

      1. Well, no, all these new arrivals we have not seen before on this board are the Nutroots leftwing junkies who want to put another liberal in office and spin things however they have to in order to accomplish that.

        I will be clear about my objective, which is to help elect a conservative in 2016, and that excludes both Aiken and Ellmers. I am still undecided as to what is best as to tactic voting in 2014 to set up the best scenario to take down the incumbent in 2016. But even if the most advantageous tactic turns out to be letting Aiken have it for one term, no conservative should be under any illusion as to the nature of what he would be as a Congresscritter, just like we should be under no illusion that Ellmers is one of us. She is not.

        In 2014 we have a Big Government Bonehead Republican versus a Big Government Nancy Pelosi Democrat. Limited government voters lose whichever is elected. We need to gear up to elect a Limited Government Republican in 2016. There is no such thing anymore as a Limited Government Democrat.

  6. The GOP has made it their job to misread Clay Aiken’s tweet. He points out the GOP lack of diversity and references the Mormon state of sobriety which they take pride in. There’s nothing racist about him pointing out the GOP RNC racism.

    We don’t care where his support comes from. NY or LA or NC as long as he wins. Democrats are everywhere.

    1. And we have to remember that is exactly what Clay Aiken is – a liberal Big Government Democrat. Of course, Ellmers is a liberal Big Government Republican,

      Ellmers is so bad, there will likely be some Repubicans who despise her so much they vote for Aiken, but if they do, they need to remember what they are getting, a white Obama with a different sexual orientation.

      I am glad that I live in a Congressional district where I can vote in good conscience for the GOP nominee. If I were in the 2nd, I do not see anyone I could vote for there. Ellmers is awful and Aiken is worse. If the Dems had nominated Crisco, they would have had a candidate who was easier for GOP voters to hold their noses for.

  7. What difference does who he loves make? Keep your opinions above the waist. His heart and his head are all in the right place. Ellmers is a nightmare.

    1. What matters is Aiken’s ideology, which is what Margaret Thatcher would call ”loony left”. Both Aiken and Ellmers are Big Government advocates, which is why neither is worth a bucket of warm spit.

      1. Proves you know nothing about Aiken – he’s a moderate on most issues. We need more Centrists in Congress than radicals from both sides.

        1. Another word for ”centrist” is ”opporutnist”, and most actually use that ”centrist” label to hide the fact that they are really lefties. Many such ”centrists” were smoked out on Obamacare, one of the most radical leftwing Big Government pieces of legislation ever passed in America.

  8. The Clay Aiken I’ve known is not pro-big liberal government. He’s a person full of common sense and willing to listen and represent the voters in his district. Some people making comments against him have never met nor talked with him or they wouldn’t be saying some of the negative things they are attributing to him–unless they are here to smear him for the other side of course.

    1. I have never posted anything supportive of Ellmers. She is a dud of the worst order. But Aiken is, too. Whichever one conservatives vote for should be the one easiest to take out in 2016. We also need to start grooming a conservative to run in 2016 (Jim Duncan?) against either Ellmers or Aiken, whichever one is there.

  9. Clay may be ideologically wrong on many issues but he would be better than Elmers. Once elected I think Clay would move more to the middle. He cannot be worse for North Carolina than Elmers.

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