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TWO majority leaders? (NC’s “conservative revolution” marches on)

          The “honorables” on Jones Street are giving us quite an eye-opening preview of where things might be headed: House Republican leaders are considering creating two majority leader positions for the next legislative session in which they will command a supermajority….

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Campaign 2012: What’s cooking in Deb Butler’s kitchen?

        *I am sure that the voters of one New Hanover County-based state senate district were looking for a deep, detailed discussion of gynecological practices during this campaign season.* During the evening news, Democrat Deb Butler has been introducing area voters to…

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Thom Tillis? DONE. Skip Stam? DONE. (Any questions?)

          I button-holed a Republican legislator recently to try and get some of the inside skinny on the happenings on Jones Street.  This House member told me that his caucus’s polling shows a strong likelihood of a continued GOP majority in…

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‘Pay To Play’ alive and well on Jones Street

When the GOP majority took over the North Carolina General Assembly in 2011, we were promised an end to pay-to-play.  Pay-to-play has typically meant the shakedown of lobbyists and other interested parties for campaign donations in exchange for legislative attention to their concerns. The GOP…

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Campaign 2012: Folks who KNOW clue us in on where things stand in NC

During the past few days I’ve had the chance to pick the brains of a few of the wise men — and women — (Read: political insiders) on both sides of the aisle about what things look like, right now, for the November races. I…

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Another member of the Richard Morgan clique abandons ship

Now that their fearless leader has been reduced to political impotence and irrelevance, the group of General Assembly Republicans who sided with Richard Morgan to form an alliance with Jim Black is slowly but surely ditching their digs on Jones Street.  (A few of those…

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Emails from Speaker Tillis, other lawmakers raise suspicions of lobbyist shakedowns

        Some lobbyists recently received an email from the reelection campaign of House Speaker Thom Tillis asking for money.  State law prohibits lawmakers from soliciting lobbyists for campaign contributions.   Bob Hall, with Democracy North Carolina,  has chimed in on the episode…

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October trial for Thom Tillis ally Stephen LaRoque? (Wait. There’s an election in NOVEMBER …)

The folks at NCPolicyWatch — who have led the way in reporting on corruption allegations against Richard Morgan and Thom Tillis ally Stephen LaRoque — say that it looks good for LaRoque to hit the courtroom the month before the big general election vote.  LaRoque, a…

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NC House district 92 GOPer Jeter: I’m no Thom Tillis puppet!

            Charles Jeter, the winner of the July 17 GOP runoff for NC House district 92,  says he wants to clear the air about his relationship with House Speaker Thom Tillis: “I was not part of the Tarte-Anarella campaign (NC…

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McCrory “pleased” with Thom Tillis

          Yep.  You read that right.  The Charlotte Observer has the details: The response by House Speaker Thom Tillis to the indictment of a fellow Republican lawmaker drew praise Friday from GOP gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory. But his opponent, Democratic Lt….