#ncga [Ah, Mr. McCrory. Welcome back. The usual? A veto override? Well-done?]

legisWe thought something was up today, and boy was it.   The House got its act together and overrode Gov. McCrory’s veto of a bill allowing magistrates to refuse to marry gays on religious grounds.   Since the Senate already did its job, the measure becomes LAW.

There are a number of things to take away from this.  McCrory’s 0-fer on sustaining vetoes — coupled bridewith the loss of his pick for NCGOP chairman — really emphasizes his weakness within his own party. If he doesn’t start RIGHT NOW shoring up his right flank, he could be quite vulnerable to a primary challenge in 2016 or conservative abandonment at the general election polls in November á là Mitt Romney circa 2012. 

The lefty activist groups are already gearing up to have some friendly lawyers petition a friendly judge to toss this thing out.  Overriding the veto is a moral victory.  But this period should be used to buy time to start working on getting the state OUT of the marriage business.  After the lefties get done in court, this WILL end up a lot like the marriage amendment to the state constitution did.