#ncga [Jeter campaign shares mailing address with Democrat lobbying / consulting firm]

jeterWe wrote something about these guys earlier: 

If you browse to one of the two web sites out there for Rosebay Development Partners (Here or Here), you can find information on one Neal Orr:

[…] Neal Orr has 19 years experience in governmental affairs and management of political campaigns.  He was the first Southern Political Director of the Democratic legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) in Washington DC where he served as a consultant to 30 legislative chambers throughout the Southeastern United States.  Neal successfully established the first caucus program in North Carolina, served as a Senate Caucus director in Florida, coordinated efforts for Presidential re-election efforts and maintains many political relationships throughout the South.[…]

Okay, now keep that nugget locked in your brain while you browse over to the web site for the Tillis-founded Legislative Partners group: 









That’s right.  The former Southern political director for the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is now the point man for the Thom Tillis-founded fundraising and PR vehicle for state House Republicans.

Okay.  Now, let’s check out the two mailing addresses for Rose Bay Development Partners in Huntersville.  One — 14512 S. Brent Drive — appears to be a private residence. The other — 15806 Brookway Drive Suite 600 — appears to be a commercial office building.

Now, let’s check out the address on file with the State  Board of Elections for state Rep. Charles Jeter’s campaign: 15806 Brookway Drive Suite 600 Huntersville. The exact same place!rb

Here is what RoseBay IDs as their specialties: Customer relationship management processes, Political & charitable fund raising and consulting, General business consulting, Consumer finance and lending processes, Sales and Software training, Governmental affairs consulting.  

(Governmental affairs consulting is a fancy, polite way of talking about lobbying or influence peddling. Though, we can’t find any lobbyist registration info for RoseBay on the secretary of state’s web site. The law requires registration to lobby in North Carolina.)  

So, let’s re-cap.  A guy with a long history of advising Democrat political campaigns is running the political operation for the NC House Republicans.  Charles Jeter is chairman of the House Republican Conference, which has him overseeing fundraising and other aspects of the House Republican political operation.  It appears that Orr’s company and Jeter’s campaign share the same address.

Hmm.  Back-scratching. One big circle. 

3 thoughts on “#ncga [Jeter campaign shares mailing address with Democrat lobbying / consulting firm]

  1. So Tillis, Jeter and the House Leadership are hiring Democrats to run the behind the scene activities for the Republicans. I wonder if this is the reason we support Toll roads, solar energy, tax incentives giveaways, Hollywood handout film incentives, 3 billion dollar highway bonds (taxes) etc. Wow is this really happening? All the Intel and fundraising by democrats. This helps explain 1.3 billion in new spending in the house. Something for everyone!

  2. It is clear why major donors of the House GOP caucus are abandoning them as contributors. Any thinking conservative should do so unless major changes are made. First they need to take wannabee Democrat Jeter out of the loop on campaigns, and then they need to get rid of the Democrat operatives working for the GOP caucus. Until they do both of those things, contributors should send their money elsewhere.

  3. Oh my, the House Leadership partner link punted my to a DNS failure page. This link worked better:

    The domain for NCHLP is privately registered: http://whois.domaintools.com/nchlp.org

    Sec of State says its a 501(c)(4) registered by Roger W. Knight.
    Knight is a lawyer in Raleigh. (Small bio on him here: http://www.southernstudies.org/person/roger-w-knight)

    Check out NCHLP filings — specifically the non-existent ones: http://www.secretary.state.nc.us/Search/profcsl/10239025

    Related – WRAL calls it Daaaark Money.

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