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The N&O’s John Frank: ObamaCare’s Gunga Din

Gunga Din was immortalized by Rudyard Kipling in literature — and later in movies.  He was a poor, hapless, shuffling, kowtowing, water-carrying man-servant to some British soldiers in India.   The character has become synonymous with people and institutions that dutifully ask how high when someone…

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The Tenth Amendment rides again in Raleigh

      The Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution — which basically says, if it ain’t specifically in The Constitution, it’s a state matter — has been rediscovered by leaders in North Carolina state government.  And the media and their lefty comrades are pissed….

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NC Senate stands up to ObamaCare. (Mr. Tillis? Mr. McCrory? Who’s NEXT ???)

        The Republican majority in the North Carolina Senate has put its money where its mouth is and introduced legislation allowing the state of North Carolina to “opt out” of the implementation of ObamaCare: North Carolina Senate leaders introduced legislation Wednesday to…

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The debt ceiling: A recurring, bi-partisan SNOW JOB

          Here in the Carolinas, we’re being hit with weather reports about severe wintry weather.  Schools are already closing — before the first snowflake has fallen.  This weather phenomenon should not be too much of a shock to our systems: We’ve…

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Out of work? Business slow? 401(k) taken a hit? BLAME THE FLU.

    Since the economy started tanking in 2006-2007, we’ve heard ad nauseum that it was all George Bush’s fault.  EVERY BIT OF IT.  Forget whats-his-face at 1600 Penn, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Dingy Harry Reid and all of that micro-managing and meddling from Capitol…

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Heads Up! Barry wants your guns.

      It’s amazing how Americans have sat by and allowed the statists in DC to ignore, rewrite and basically stomp all over the specifics of the U.S. Constitution.  That document says all spending and taxation bills originate in the House, go to the…

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WELL. What do we make of THIS?

    Newly-sworn state HHS secretary Aldona Wos has tapped one of Louisiana’s top health care officials to run the Medicaid program in North Carolina.   Carol Steckel was the point-person for Gov. Bobby Jindal’s efforts to fight the implementation of ObamaCare-inspired health insurance exchanges…

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McCrory STILL not interested in fighting ObamaCare

      There are a lot of grassroots folks rallying in Raleigh today to put some heat on legislators to follow the lead of SC, VA, TN and 22 other states in saying NO to ObamaCare.  As of yesterday, it sure sounds like Gov….

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Denny’s: Grand Slams & PR nightmares

Handling PR for South Carolina-based Denny’s restaurants has got to be one of the toughest jobs in America.   Remember, some years back, when the chain had the whole hubbub about seating and serving black patrons?  (Restaurant founder and NFL owner Jerry Richardson has his own…

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“Getting Something DONE” vs. “Standing Firm and Doing What’s RIGHT”

        An awful lot of the DC Republican establishment is lashing out at conservatives who were unwilling to go along with John Boehner and Eric Cantor’s tail-tucking surrender on taxes and the “fiscal cliff.”  You’ve seen it in the pages of National…