Out of work? Business slow? 401(k) taken a hit? BLAME THE FLU.




Since the economy started tanking in 2006-2007, we’ve heard ad nauseum that it was all George Bush’s fault.  EVERY BIT OF IT.  Forget whats-his-face at 1600 Penn, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Dingy Harry Reid and all of that micro-managing and meddling from Capitol Hill.  According to the lefties, and their comrades in the MSM: It was Bush.  It is Bush, and it will always be BUSH.

Now, it appears George W. Bush is catching a break.  Our “friends” in the mainstream media have found a new culprit: influenza.  THE FLU. Seriously.

Peter Kirsanow, writing in National Review’s The Corner blog,  has a great take on all this:

[…] The flu, a puzzling phenomenon heretofore unknown to economists, thus joins ATMs, Japanese earthquakes, tax cuts for the rich, airport kiosks, the Arab Spring, Americans getting soft and lazy and not doing the things that built the Golden Gate Bridge, corporate-jet owners, bad weather, the Tea Party, health-insurance costs, and, of course, George W. Bush as just some of the culprits restraining what otherwise would have been a roaring economy over the last few years.

How many more burdens must this administration bear?