Tillis on Facebook: I’ve BEEN saying NO to exchanges AND the feds’ bribe money! (Where have you guys, been?)

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Thanks to US — state House Thom Tillis has been getting beat around the head and shoulders by grassroots activists all weekend for his rather ho-hum attitude about the state-level implementation of ObamaCare.  After a lot of emails, phone calls, and face-to-face questions, the speaker has taken to THE social network to respond to his critics:



Tillis states that he has “repeatedly” said in the press ObamaCare ain’t gonna happen here.  He talked tough about it during the recently-completed election campaign, as seen HERE .

But after the dust cleared, and Mayor Gov. Pat moved in to Raleigh, the tough talk went away.  Mayor Gov. Pat talked in terms of ObamaCare being “the law of the land” and that the state needed to figure out the best way to set it up.   Tillis and his team have been quietly parroting that spin in speaking gigs across the state.   As grassroots activists started noticing our neighbors to the north, south, and west — as well as 24 other states — aggressively acting against ObamaCare,  questions started being raised about the legitimacy and credibility of the so-called “conservative revolution” in Raleigh.   Many who voted for Gov. Pat, and helped increase the majorities in the General Assembly, were hoping for stances on the issues that differed substantially from the previous administration. 

It’s good that he’s committed publicly to returning the federal grant money for the exchanges and refusing to expand Medicare.   Tillis and the rest of the GOP team on Jones Street NEED to go further and act to block the implementation of ObamaCare in North Carolina.

A friend of this site, currently serving in the state Senate, said he and many of his colleagues have been frustrated by what he sees as “dawdling” on the issue of ObamaCare by Tillis, Gov. Pat, and the rest of the GOP leadership in Raleigh.  I think a lot of those folks — as evidenced by the July 2012 video of Tillis — hoped Obama would be defeated and the issue would be handled in DC by a new administration.  That scenario didn’t work out so well.  Now that it appears fighting ObamaCare will involve some media heat and hard work by the folks in Raleigh,  we’re not seeing too many Profiles In Courage.

THIS is more important than Fletcher Hartsell and driver’s licenses for migrant workers.  This is about saving our economy, our state and our country.  We need SOMEBODY to step up and provide some leadership in the capital city.