Moore County govt joining the nullification fight?

Moore-County-sealEl Presidenté stirred up quite a grassroots ruckus with his “executive actions” many see as an infringement on The Second Amendment to The U.S. Constitution.   Rallies have popped up across North Carolina and the country.  Some state governments have pledged to fight Barry’s power grab.   Some local governments in North Carolina are joining the fray.

The Beaufort County board of commissioners has approved a resolution to stand up to and resist the ‘executive actions.’  The resolution directs the county manager to ensure that no county resources be used to enforce any federal actions that may be seen as an infringement on the Second Amendment.   The resolution also seeks the petition of state government to join the fight against the controversial executive actions.

My sources within Moore County government tell me that our board of commissioners will soon be following suit — most likely at the next scheduled board meeting.   It’s encouraging to see this kind of action bubbling up at the local level. Republicans in Raleigh are being dragged kicking and screaming toward the fight against ObamaCare.  We haven’t heard much out of Raleigh about fighting Barry’s executive actions.  Hopefully, the resurgence of the grassroots here in North Carolina, and actions like this from local governments, will push our leaders in Raleigh and DC toward doing the right thing.