The next sellout by the DC GOP? Wednesday.







Bend over and brace yourselves, folks.  HERE IT COMES AGAIN:

Republican officials say the House will vote Wednesday on an increase in the nation’s debt limit, a move designed to prevent a first-ever government default.

The vote marks a change in strategy for House Republicans who run the chamber and who remain adamant about reducing government spending but decided not to use the debt limit to trigger a confrontation with President Barack Obama.

Instead, they have said the debt increase measure will require the House and Senate to approve budgets that call for spending cuts, with pay withheld for lawmakers in either house that failed to do so.

The current debt limit is $16.4 trillion. Aides said they didn’t know how big an increase would be contained in the legislation, but it is expected to accommodate borrowing for three months.

So, we don’t know how big of an increase we’re going to get.  Enough for three months of borrowing?  The way these guys on The Hill spend, the possibilities are mind-blowing.

The supposed line in the sand — the quid pro quo — is a passed budget with spending cuts in exchange for Members of Congress getting paid.   First, there are no details on HOW BIG those cuts need to be.  ($1.50 total ?????)

 Also, you need to remember what a scam budgeting is at the federal level.  Budget writers typically figure in an eight percent increase over the previous year for each program.  Let’s say they only approve a seven percent increase.  Is that a spending cut?  In the real world, NO.  In DC — unfortunately — the answer is hell, yes

We cannot count on these people to do the right thing anymore.  If we want to save our country, we’ve got to stay on top of them.