McCrory STILL not interested in fighting ObamaCare





There are a lot of grassroots folks rallying in Raleigh today to put some heat on legislators to follow the lead of SC, VA, TN and 22 other states in saying NO to ObamaCare.  As of yesterday, it sure sounds like Gov. Pat won’t be taking a courageous stand against this DC-bred disaster like his GOP colleagues in SC, VA and TN (who all campaigned for him) have:

Decisions include how to implement Obamacare.

The mention stirred some grumbles among the audience, but McCrory snuffed them.

“It’s law. We have to implement it. We have no choice. I’m sworn to uphold the law.” What matters is how it’s done.

THIS is a shame.  If we can put enough heat on our legislators to pass something akin to what VA and SC have already done, perhaps Gov. Pat will see the light, cave, and end up doing the right thing.  (Shall I start holding my breath?)