State Board of Elections, McClatchy Gang fight voter ID tooth-and-nail






John Frank and the rest of “The Gang That Couldn’t Report Straight”  have found a state board of elections report showing that 613,000 state voters have NO photo ID whatsoever.  Most of us hear that and see an alarming potential for vote fraud.  John and the gang see disenfranchisement, discrimination, pointy white hoods and CROSS BURNINGS:

A new report from the State Board of Elections found as many as 613,000 voters, or 9.25 percent of North Carolina’s voters, may not have a state issued driver’s license or identification card. The report comes ahead of Republican efforts to push for voter ID legislation in the upcoming session.

The new analysis, which compared Division of Motor Vehicles records to state voter lists, discovered that 53 percent of the voters in question are Democrats and a quarter are over age 65. A disproportionate share, about 30 percent, are black.

State election officials cautioned that the number (612,955) could be lower because some voters listed driver’s license numbers that don’t match state DMV records. There are 6.5 million voters registered in the state. Also, about 67 percent of those who didn’t match are women, suggesting a name discrepancy may be at fault. But the new numbers, which were recently requested by legislative researchers, will only add fuel for critics who suggest an effort to pass legislation requiring a photo ID will disenfranchise voters, particularly Democrats. […]

Let’s see.  We’ve got voters listing license numbers that DON’T match DMV records.  We’ve got women whose names don’t match their numbers.  That can happen with marriages.  BUT WHY are these women STILL on the rolls under their maiden names and married names ????

Another question bothers me.  HOW do you manage to go through life without ANY photo ID to confirm your identity?  Even a busboy job at Pizza Hut requires two forms of photo ID in order to be hired.  Do these people own or drive cars?   Do they have bank accounts?  You need photo ID for one of those.  

This many people without photo ID creates an alarming potential for not just vote fraud — but identity theft and other kinds of financial fraud.   *It’s amazing that the bleeding hearts in The McClatchy Gang aren’t expressing concern over the vulnerability of these people.*  

It’s important to be able to prove who you are beyond a reasonable doubt.  It’s important to protect these people from scams.  It’s important for protecting the rest of us and one of our most cherished rights and national institutions from scammers and political sleazebags.