GOP leaders soften stance on [BLANK]


 grow a pair



(I’m sorry if that headline makes me sound like Gene Rayburn, host of the old Match Game television  show.)

 I am getting sick and  tired of seeing news stories that start off with that wording.  The congressional GOP has “softened” its stance on — among other things — taxes, spending, immigration, and regulations.   That whole “softening” epidemic appears to be sweeping Raleigh.

During the last legislative session, we had our GOP “leaders” standing up for reparations and increased spending on public education.  Tillis &co. softened their stance on repealing the horrid Racial Justice Act — which just helped two cop-killers (one of whom shot a wounded unarmed officer EIGHT TIMES)  escape death row. This time around, we appear to be “softening” our stance on immigration, taxes, and — now — voter ID.

The state board of elections released a “report” showing more than 600,000 North Carolina voters have no photo ID.  That gets leaked to Gary Bartlett’s fellow Democrat hacks at  Team McClatchy,  who then begin hollering ‘racism.’   Now, the  *courageous* NCGOP leaders, with their overwhelming control of Raleigh, are back-pedaling like crazy — apparently worried that John Frank will write mean stuff about them, like THIS, maybe:

[…] Conservative activists overwhelming favor such a measure to guard against voter fraud, while Democrats warn that it would disenfranchise people, particularly minorities and the elderly, two points confirmed in the state’s analysis. […]

No it DOES NOT “confirm that.”  It would not “disenfranchise” anyone who meets the legal requirements (age, residency,  criminal record) for voting.  It would require these folks to stop by a DMV office to pick up an ID card that PROVES WHO THEY ARE. 

In the digital age, identity theft has become a HUGE problem.  I am a conservative with strong libertarian tendencies, but I believe it is non-negotiable that you MUST be able to prove who you are beyond a reasonable doubt.  How does one go through life without ANY sort of photo ID?  You need TWO forms of ID just to work behind the counter at McDonald’s.  You need a photo ID to drive a car and buy alcoholic beverages.  You need a photo ID for most transactions at a bank.

Refusing to purge dead and moved voters from voter rolls, or to require voters to show ID, opens up our sacred democratic process of voting to the potential for serious fraud.   Why not make every reasonable effort to ensure the highest level of integrity in the execution of our electoral process?

Thom Tillis thumped his chest about how voter ID was going to be item #1 on this session’s agenda.  Now, that the Bartlett-McClatchy report has hit the public arena, ol’ Thom and Mayor Gov. Pat are walking the story back as fast as they can.   Mayor Gov. Pat has said he would consider allowing some registration cards without photos or utility bills.   Really ?????  So, we’re going to continue having a more intensive security process for the purchase of beer than for the process of voting for our elected officials ???

Thom, Pat and the boys seriously need to grow a pair.  The folks who put them into power favor (1) requiring photo ID to prove who you are, (2) lower taxes,  (3) the death penalty for scummy murderers, and (4) smaller government.  They also oppose ObamaCare.  The alleged “conservative revolution” needs to back up their “Carolina Recovery” rhetoric with some credible action — or they should start shaking down some lobbyists for campaign funds to fend off the lynch mobs, pitchfork and torches crowds — and 2014 primary challengers.  Do what you told us you were going to do.

We did not elect you to manage the leviathan a little more efficiently than the other guys.  We elected you to scale back the bureaucratic  monstrosity and help us stop our economy and culture from going over the cliff.