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UNC’s multi-million dollar plan to “repair” the Silent Sam mess

Usually, when vandals strike, you file a police report and then make arrangements to clean up the mess and restore it to its pre-crime state.  You would think that would be the solution to cleaning up the mess from the mob action that resulted in the destruction of the memorial…

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Leftist seminar: Rioting & Vandalism 101

Interested in learning how to break stuff that isn’t yours? (JUST BECAUSE it “offends” you?) Well, check out the latest offering from the comrades at Defend Durham and DoItLikeDurham: A publicly advertised seminar on how to commit crime? That’s either really stupid or really ballsy.  (*I am SURE there are loads…

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Thilli$$$ theams with ERIC HOLDER on criminal justice “reform”

That’s right.  Our junior US senator is teaming with Barry Obama’s attorney general — the one who sided with the New Black Panthers over regular voters — to “reform” the criminal justice system.  (Feeling better about “holding your nose” in 2014, yet?) Here’s the NY Times showing Amnesty Thom &…

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Crime lab, Shmime lab: AG Josh Stein ignores real problems, focuses on driving America deeper into red

The North Carolina Department of Justice’s crime lab is screwing over crime victims left and right.  Local governments are having to outsource their crime lab work to actually prosecute criminals.  Rookie attorney general  (and social justice warrior / snowflake) Josh Stein has been crying to anyone who will listen about…

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Raleigh’s Social Justice Republicans

Raise the age! Raise the age! What is this about that has John Hood and the ACLU arm in arm singing kumbaya and in 100% agreement?  Changing the age of consent?  The drinking age?  The age to obtain a driver license?  The age to vote?  Nope.  In a victory for…

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The cry to “raise the age”

The John Locke Foundation and a bunch of leftists are leading the cry to convince the state of North Carolina to raise the age you can try kids as adults from 16 to 18. Supporters of this move are claiming that putting 16 and 17 year olds in grown-up jail makes…

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Peace, Love & Molotov cocktails (Aah, smell the tolerance.)

Supposedly, we on the right are the haters, the violent ones.  Yet, who does all the rioting and fighting in the streets?  Supposedly, we on the right are the ones who want to stifle free speech and independent thought.  The People’s Republic of Orange County — long hailed as a…

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Sanford NC mayor: Black on black violent crime “out of control”

  Leftists and the driveby media are working hard to whip up a narrative about police ganging up on poor defenseless black people.  Obama wants the police to kowtow and beg for forgiveness — as they’re being ambushed by snipers.   Well, Chet Mann, the Democrat mayor of Sanford, North…

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Drive-by fishwrap: Fayetteville can, um, “learn” from Baltimore.

You know things are bad when your local driveby fishwrap / birdcage liner starts telling you how your town can LEARN from Baltimore.  Yep.  The same place immortalized in the great HBO series “The Wire.”  The SAME place that blew up into total Third World-style anarchy earlier in the year….

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The drive-by media and ‘the do-rag rule’

The latest news about the murder of a UNC-Chapel Hill professor brings to mind the ‘do-rag’ rule  —  a term first coined by or friend Bob Lee Swagger.  What is the do-rag rule, you ask?  Let Professor Swagger himself explain:  […] Back in the “Melanie Sill Era”, the N&O decreed…