Leftist seminar: Rioting & Vandalism 101

Interested in learning how to break stuff that isn’t yours? (JUST BECAUSE it “offends” you?)

Well, check out the latest offering from the comrades at Defend Durham and DoItLikeDurham:

A publicly advertised seminar on how to commit crime? That’s either really stupid or really ballsy.  (*I am SURE there are loads of hotels and other public venues fighting tooth-and-nail for the privilege to host a seminar on how to riot and vandalize.*)

One would hope that Gov. Cooper’s SBI or the FBI or Josh Stein’s Department of Justice might take an interest in this event.

You know, with the incidents in Charlotte AND Durham AND Chapel Hill already in the books — one might be able to label this — say — criminal conspiracy or inciting a riot.  (Just saying.)