Leftist seminar: Rioting & Vandalism 101

Interested in learning how to break stuff that isn’t yours? (JUST BECAUSE it “offends” you?)

Well, check out the latest offering from the comrades at Defend Durham and DoItLikeDurham:

A publicly advertised seminar on how to commit crime? That’s either really stupid or really ballsy.  (*I am SURE there are loads of hotels and other public venues fighting tooth-and-nail for the privilege to host a seminar on how to riot and vandalize.*)

One would hope that Gov. Cooper’s SBI or the FBI or Josh Stein’s Department of Justice might take an interest in this event.

You know, with the incidents in Charlotte AND Durham AND Chapel Hill already in the books — one might be able to label this — say — criminal conspiracy or inciting a riot.  (Just saying.)

14 thoughts on “Leftist seminar: Rioting & Vandalism 101

  1. I am sure Ol’ Roy and Crooked Stein have issued stand down orders to keep the SBI or any other state entity who could investigate this from attending and getting intel on the group. It would be nice if the FBI would infiltrate this, but I am sure they are busy trying to turn the midterms toward the much hyped blue wave. We have little hope that these lawless thugs will be stopped any time soon.

    1. They could start with those who gave their names in press interviews. Arrest them. Charge them with felonies and get them talking. Also expel them from school.

      Why were the masked protesters not immediately arrested when they showed up? We have laws on the books, intended for the KKK, that prohibit masked protesters. Antifa and its clones are the new KKK and those laws need to be used against them.

  2. While it aint right to train people to destroy property, a few on the Left are moving in that direction. Please don’t ignore the vast White Supremacists movement, who are, and have been doing the same for a long time.

    1. Any links to “white supremacists” who have been going out destroying property, wearing masks, and assaulting people? I fail to see the drive by’s having stories on them say the past couple of years, and I know that would lead their headlines 24/7/365 if it were actually happening. This “white supremacist” narrative is just a fake story gin up mob violence.

        1. It takes two to tango. Antifa was at least as violent as the white supremists clowns. Antifa did not even have a permit to demonstrate but they showed up fully weaponized to do battle. Antifa is a Marxist version of the KKK as to tactics.

          1. Holding signs and chanting is FAR DIFFERENT than intentionally ramming a car into a crowd of people as the white supremacists did.

          2. JBP, you are either ignorant or lying. Antifa showed up at someone else’s rally well armed and ready for battle. They are a violent organization everywhere they operate, and it was no different this time.

            One similariity with the KKK is that Antifa thugs often wear masks. That is illegal in the south under the very same laws passed to suppress the KKK. Every masked Antifa thug who shows up at a rally should be arrested and prosecuted. So should klansmen who show up with masks on.

            Antifa and the KKK are two peas in a totalitarian pod.

          3. In all the many photos I saw from the Charllotesville event last year, there were VERY FEW masked people from either side. So, by your own definition, Antifa had very little presence there, in Durham last year, or in Chapel Hill.

          4. So, what’s your point? Lefties WITHOUT masks were throwing rocks and bottles of urine. Good grief. Lefty logic sure is perplexing.

            Bottom line, it takes two to tango, and the left defends their clowns. We see that evidence here.

          5. In Durham, it was mostly the Workers World Party, a hard core communist bunch, rather than Antifa. I guess they don’t care who knows who they are. Those thugs say they love North Korean society so much they should be stripped of their US citizenship and given a one way ticket there.

    2. The handful of white supremists do not have the muscle to do much. It is the Antifa mobs who are the threat of fascist violence. They use the KKK tactic of wearing masks, something that is banned by law in most southern states. They are on social media talking about recruiting two “red armies” – one armed with weapons like clubs, and the other with more military style weapons – to go after the non-Marxists in society.

  3. UNC Professors incited the destructive event ……. and Taxpayers keep paying them. Why?
    GA also pays UNC, ECU, UNCW, NCSU professors to produce and hype anti-taxpayer Fake Science, ,,,, with taxpayers $. Why?
    Why do taxpayers pay, and pay, and pay government employees to hype fake science and advocate anarchy?

    -Visit “Facebook US Land Alliance” for examples.

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