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NC-09: WHO hid the Robeson County ballot harvesting evidence?

  Jay DeLancy and Raleigh’s Voter Integrity Project really want to know: Earlier last week, I was able to ask State BOE Director of Investigations, Joan Fleming, about the disparity between the Absentee Ballot Request logs used by two counties in their investigation into alleged criminal behavior by McCrae Dowless in Bladen County.     Last week’s post only offered an attachment of the Bladen documents, but not images of the forms themselves….

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Did NCGOP HQ drop the ball on Robeson vote fraud?

Some emails we’ve obtained would seem to suggest that. Just the other day,  the state board of elections voted along party lines to certify a Robeson County judicial election that had been  caught up in the hubbub over the Ninth Congressional District race.  The entirety of Robeson County is in  the Ninth District.   One of the biggest reasons given by the state board for a lack of investigation or…

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Sources: GOPer Jack Moody has ‘a hell of a good basis for appeal’ of state elections board ruling on Robeson County

  We talked with several JD-bearing observers who characterized today’s ruling on vote fraud allegations in Robeson County as little more than naked, vicious power politics with very little basis in the law.  Robeson County was one of two counties in the Ninth Congressional District where illegal activities were suspected of negatively impacting the congressional race.  The final results, where Republican Mark Harris led Democrat Dan McCready by 905 votes,…

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NC-09: An elections board cover-up of DEM shenanigans in Robeson?

  According to Raleigh’s Voter Integrity Project,  that is exactly what we have, boys and girls:   Around noon today, the NC State Board of Elections ordered Robeson County election officials hand over “newly discovered” evidence that implicates high-profile national and local Democrats in a major absentee ballot harvesting operation that dwarfs the number of ballots involved in Bladen County.   “We’ve been quietly fighting for this and other evidence since…

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The Robeson County cover-up

  The criminal conspiracy succeeded in running off Mark Harris and subverting the November vote in the Ninth Congressional District.  Now, they’re working at break-neck speed to cover up the Democrat shenanigans in Robeson County. The state  board of elections is only going to look at 200 to 300 of the 2000 absentee ballot request logs submitted by the Robeson County board of elections.  Why?  Only that 200 or so…

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NC-09: New Robeson elections board chairman donated repeatedly to McCready in 2017, 2018

    Roy Cooper can’t always be counted on to do the ethical thing.  (See The Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Josh Malcolm as examples.) His choice for Robeson County board of elections chairman may be yet another example of his crossing an ethical line.  Robeson County is in the middle of The Ninth Congressional District — which is now in turmoil over the Dan McCready / Mark Harris race.  There…

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NC-09: DEMs put (at least) $126K on the streets of Robeson County in 2018 for McRae Dowless-like ops

  For one of the poorest counties in the state, there sure is a lot of cold hard cash floating around on the streets.  Especially in the run-up to election day. While the media has been feigning shock and awe over the reported $7K paid to Bladen County get-out-the-vote (GOTV) consultant McRae Dowless, we’ve been keeping an eye on the real  GOTV action in  neighboring Robeson County.  If the $7K…

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NC-09: Robeson Democrat goes dark, still hasn’t filed final campaign report

A Robeson County school board member running for NC Senate in November — who appears to have been a significant vehicle for disbursing payments to GOTV “consultants” — has not communicated officially with the state board of elections since October 30 and has not submitted his final campaign finance report. The deadline for filing Q4 campaign finance reports was January 10. John Avery Campbell (D)  lost to NC senator Danny…

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NC-09: ANOTHER Robeson DEM paid out nearly $8K for “GOTV”

The Ninth Congressional District race is trapped in limbo because of alleged concerns over the roughly $7000 worth of work by GOTV (get out the vote) consultant McRae Dowless.  Much of Dowless’s work was on behalf of Republicans. Meanwhile, over in neighboring Robeson County, we’ve identified two Democrat candidates who paid out more than $60,000 for “GOTV” services and consulting.  Another one has surfaced who shelled out nearly $8000 for…

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NC-09: TWO Robeson DEMs paid $60K+ in 2018 for same thing being probed in Bladen

Roughly $7000 in payments for GOTV (get out the vote) consulting to McRae Dowless of Bladen County has the certification of the Ninth Congressional District race in limbo.   Final campaign finance reports for 2018 show that two powerful Robeson County Democrats, who were on the November ballot,  paid out more than $60,000 to individuals engaged in virtually the same activities being tied to Mr. Dowless. You have to remember…