NC-09: Dems on Robeson elections board getting called on the carpet in Raleigh


I hate to sound like a broken record, BUT:  In the end,  the real story, the real scandal in the Ninth Congressional District is in  Robeson County.  Not Bladen. 


I was perusing the meeting notice for the September 5th state board of elections meeting, and noticed THIS:




If this hearing is held with any kind of integrity whatsoever, it should be quite interesting.  Tiffany Powers  DONATED repeatedly to Dan McCready while she served on the county board of elections and WHILE he was running against Mark Harris.  There’s also photographic evidence of her putting in an appearance at, at least, ONE of McCready’s campaign events.  (And getting some up-close face-time with the candidate.)




Nance, also a Democrat, is accused of posting partisan pro-Democrat images and statements on social media while serving on the state board of elections.


Meanwhile,  substantial — credible — evidence exists that ballot harvesting and other electoral misbehavior went down in Robeson County on a  much grander scale than anything that may have happened in Bladen County.


It also appears that at least $126K was put on the streets of Robeson County by outside Democrat operatives to influence the Ninth District race and fund shenanigans not too different from what McCrae Dowless stands accused of doing.


We’ll  see, on September 5,  if — to paraphrase Dan McCready — folks put ethics and clean elections ahead of party.


The special election for the Ninth District — which includes ALL of Robeson County — is slated for September 10.