NC-09: DEMs put (at least) $126K on the streets of Robeson County in 2018 for McRae Dowless-like ops


For one of the poorest counties in the state, there sure is a lot of cold hard cash floating around on the streets.  Especially in the run-up to election day.

While the media has been feigning shock and awe over the reported $7K paid to Bladen County get-out-the-vote (GOTV) consultant McRae Dowless, we’ve been keeping an eye on the real  GOTV action in  neighboring Robeson County.  If the $7K to Dowless is enough to throw the Ninth Congressional District race into limbo, you have to wonder what (at least) SIX FIGURES of cold-hard cash paid out by Democrats to their GOTV pros  in Robeson County ALONE would do to the storyline. 

We went through a handful of reports for key Democrat campaigns in Robeson County.  We compiled and calculated all payments labeled along the lines of “GOTV” or “poll worker” — basically, what Mr. Dowless in Bladen County says he does.

Newly-elected district attorney Matt Scott was the  big money man.  His report shows he paid out $20,650 in GOTV and poll worker  money in the fourth quarter of 2018.  (His report shows total payments through the entire 2018 cycle for those activities at $98,985.)

North Carolina House Rep. Charles Graham (D) was in second place with $14,425 in GOTV and “poll worker” payments for Q4 2018.  (His report was hand-written and appeared to have been  scanned and faxed a few times before being posted online.  So, we did the best we could in deciphering it.) 

State senate candidate John Campbell (D) has yet to turn in his Q4 campaign report.  And the state board of elections doesn’t appear all that interested in making him do it.

Newly-elected District Court judge Angelica Chavis-McIntyre (D) — daughter in law to former congressman Mike McIntyre (D) was in third place with Q4 2018 payments for GOTV and “poll workers” totaling $7722.85.  (For the entire 2018 election, her report shows she paid out a combined total of $14,669.26 for those same services.) 

Vanessa Burton (D), like Mark Harris (R) and Dan McCready (D), is trapped in limbo.  She was the come-from-behind yet unofficial winner of a Robeson County district court seat. Her campaign report shows she paid out $7275 inQ4 in 2018 for GOTV and poll worker services.  For the entire 2018 campaign, her report shows she paid a total of $11,395.

Okay. So for the fourth quarter of 2018 alone, we have documented four Democrat campaigns dumping $50,073 onto the streets of Robeson for get-out-the-vote and poll-worker services.  (That number — for ONE COUNTY ONLY —  does not include information from John Campbell or Dan McCready.) 

For the entire 2018 election cycle, we have documented three Democrat campaigns dumping a combined total of $125,489 on the streets of Robeson for GOTV and “poll worker” services.  (That number does not include info from  Charles Graham, John Campbell, or Dan McCready.) 

Gee.  This kinda makes all this “concern” about McRae Dowless and his $7K look like peanuts, eh?