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#ncga: More on the NC Dem wish list

We told you earlier about Spectrum News’s “scoop” on the Democrat wish list for the NC House races in 2018.  One of the names on that wish list was Rep. Greg Murphy of Greenville.  Murphy is loaded with cash and is very popular.  Here is what/ who the Democrats think has a chance of knocking him off in November: You have to love the tape over the mouth with the…

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#ncpol: When Indian casino lobbyists attack

Pete Benton probably thought his Saturday morning was going to be simple.  He had been asked to be a surrogate for congressman Walter Jones at the Craven County GOP convention.  His mission?  Read a prepared statement written by the congressman to the gathered delegates.   Benton got through part of the statement before time ran out.  The part he got to — as time was called — described Jones opponent…

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#ncga: Kelly Hastings and his campaign finances. (*SIGH*)

We’ve reported at length on state Rep. Kelly Hastings and the, um, adventurous style with which he manages his campaign finances. His year-end 2017 report is living up to the reputation of his previous filings. His report shows he’s spent $20,136.70 this election cycle — despite only recently gaining a primary opponent. His report shows that Hastings’s campaign has made “debt payment(s)” to Hastings totaling $8,547.59 for the election cycle….

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#ncga: NC Dem poll info on House races ????

It appears the North Carolina Democrat Party may have shared some info on internal polling with the girl from the steno pool at Spectrum News.  You know Spectrum.  It’s that white noise usually playing on that TV in the waiting room. (Or in the common room at the nursing home.) Anybody can throw lists together.  It’s interesting – and quite telling — that they’re not releasing cross-tabs / margins of…

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Amid congressional spending orgy, Thilli$$$ gets his cheap labor

Pelosi and Schumer are doing back-flips celebrating the massive spending that just made its way through the “Republican” Congress. The Chamber and the GOPe are dancing a jig because, once again, the man from Florida Cornelius Huntersville has come through for them BIG: Congress appears poised to allow more temporary, seasonal foreign workers into the country this summer, even as lawmakers skirted around larger immigration issues such as border wall…

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#ncga: The NC Republican Senatorial Committee and the SD-25 GOP primary

Remember those “affiliated party committees”? They got rammed through Jones Street in response to the election of Hasan Harnett to the NCGOP chairmanship.  *Can’t have the unwashed Tea Party hordes getting their hands on all that shakedown moolah!* The GOP senators took all of their loot out of party HQ and put it into something called “The North Carolina Republican Senatorial Committee.” Well, this group — which we were told…

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#ncpol: “What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate!”

I’m going to delay commentary momentarily.  I want you, dear readers, to see if you can find what’s wrong HERE: In one press release, the NCGOP Communications team has managed to offer TWO DIFFERENT spellings of their target’s last name and a butchering of his first name.  (For the record, it’s DAMON CIRCOSTA.) Next, check out the quote from Michele Nix in the second paragraph.  They gave us THIS:   When…

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#ncpol: Haywood County. (Here we go again.)

It appears NCGOP attorney Tom Stark is taking a break from his Herculean — some might say quixotic — campaign to unseat Durham’s senator Floyd McKissick  to resume beating up on elderly Haywood County Tea Party activist Monroe Miller.  Miller sends out a lot of emails.  He also questions a lot of stuff.  And apparently, according to the linked letter from Stark, Miller has gotten on Dallas Woodhouse’s last nerve….

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#ncga: Tide pods? (*Yummy!*)

The N&O’s AndyPaul Speck (*Spock? Spoke? Specht?*) — heir apparent to Colon “Toilet Boy” Campbell and John “The Shih Tzu” Frank — does a bang-up job transcribing and publishing crib notes from leftist opposition research types (when he’s not trying to play catch-up with this site). It’s pretty clear that the lefties want the scalp of one Beverly Boswell,  a rookie Republican state representative from Dare County.  Boswell speaks her…

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#ncga: In 2018, Byrd just MIGHT be THE WORD

Moore County’s Jamie Boles has had it relatively easy in his decade in Raleigh.  The Republican, representing state House district 52, easily knocked off a troubled incumbent in a crowded 2008 primary.  Between 2008 and 2016, the legislator and well-liked, well-respected funeral home owner got a free pass on election day. (In Moore County, everything gets decided in the GOP primaries.)  In 2016,  he got a scare from political newcomer…