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Campaign 2012: The man behind the anti-Wilkins PAC shows himself

According to the official ballot, area voters will be choosing this year between incumbent Rob Wilkins and challenger Jane Redding for a District Court seat.  But media accounts from Randolph County suggest the race is more of a grudge match between Judge Wilkins and Randolph County attorney Charlie Browne.  Browne’s PAC, Citizens for a Competent Judiciary, has been bird-dogging Wilkins for months now.  The Randolph County attorney argues against a…

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Busybodies and other people’s property

Moore County is yellow-dog Republican.  But we have plenty of folks who like to dictate what other people do with their property.  It’s one thing to oppose something over noise issues, environmental issues, or safety concerns.  It’s another to oppose development because you’re trying to kill off competition for your business, or that you just have a bone to pick with capitalism. Here, we like to have public hearings over…

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NCFEF: Ellmers posting weak fundraising numbers

        The NC Free Enterprise Foundation,  a non-partisan pro-business group, has completed an analysis of third quarter fundraising for the state’s congressional candidates.  Here’s what they found for the Second Congressional District: […] After winning an upset victory in 2010, Rep. Renee Ellmers (R) has typically posted decent fundraising totals and maintained modest cash on hand sums. She took in almost $158,000 in the Third Quarter and…

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Source: McSwain dodged a bullet Tuesday night

    Moore County commissioners showed up at their Tuesday night meeting expecting to discuss and vote on a resolution calling for a formal investigation into county manager Cary McSwain’s dealings with an Internet service provider.  Instead, they got a mea culpa from McSwain and a  revised resolution put forth by a stand-in interim attorney directing the manager to enter into negotiations with the ISP seeking compensation for the company’s…

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Moore County manager mumbles his way through some serious CYA

One of my county government moles encouraged me to attend the October 16 meeting of the board of commissioners — promising that it would be worth my while.  Intrigued, I decided to take a trip to Carthage. I noticed that another attorney was sitting in on this meeting for county attorney Misty Leland, who — I understand — is out on maternity leave. Things got interesting when county manager Cary…

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Campaign 2012: “No Turn Left Un-Stoned” @ Moore County LWV candidate forum

Listening to politicians making campaign speeches is tough  — especially for two hours straight.  But THAT is what your fearless blogger did for you Thursday night in Pinehurst at the Moore County League of Women Voters candidate forum.  While you folks did much more productive things with your time during that two hour period, Team Haymaker™ was on the scene to make sure you got the RAW details — the…

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Democrat NC SPIN-ster behind stealth attack on GOP judges?

    For months, voters in this area have been bombarded with propaganda from a group called Citizens For A Competent Judiciary blasting  District Court Judges Skipper Creed and Rob Wilkins.  Both men are registered Republicans and run their courtrooms in a conservative-leaning manner. Randolph County attorneys Jane Redding and Bobby McCroskey — both registered Republicans — have filed to run against the two incumbents.  There’s been a lot of…

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Renee’s Big Moore County Adventure

    Renee Ellmers, the doyenne of the Raleigh and DC GOP establishment, decided to grace us with her presence Monday night.  She was a scheduled speaker at the meeting of the Moore County Home Builders’ Association.  The meeting was held at Locust Lumber, which fronts US 1 — a major highway — in Southern Pines. (  This business is about an hour away from her home in Harnett County….

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Driving in Pinehurst: speed traps, little old ladies in great big cars, and ANOTHER ROUNDABOUT???

When you talk about driving in Pinehurst, most people’s first thoughts go toward the kind don best  with TaylorMade or Callaway products.  The kind you do on four tires can get about just as interesting in our fair village. Most people are familiar with our notorious traffic  circle.  I’ve seen plenty of people get bamboozled by it:  driving the wrong way, or even slamming on brakes in the middle of…

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NC Spin crew sounds off on November races

    I tuned in to this poor-man’s version of “The McLaughlin Group” this morning to see what kind of wisdom would be imparted upon me and the handful of other viewers. Democrat campaign consultant Brad Crone says Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin, a Democrat, is in the hottest water of any of the Council of State incumbents.  Crone says eastern North Carolina — particularly coastal voters — will do Goodwin…